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A Family Tree researcher for over 30 years and a blogger since 2010, I love to share what I find. This blog has opened up a new way to contact and keep in-touch with both family and friends. It mightn't always be genealogy related and you might not agree with my point of view but I want you to comment, ask questions and look upon this blog as 'friends having a chat'.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas, Genealogy and a Clean-up.

What a busy week! Our family arrived on the 20th and left on the 26th, so we have had a wonderful time. Cooking, board games, shopping, puppy walking, dinners out and lots of lovely chats, giggles and sing-a-longs.

Christmas morning was an early start, 6.00am, (it could have been 5.30!) presents given, lots of giggles and surprises, big breakfast, cooked by our son-in-law then we each went to different places.
We went to our younger daughters place and had Christmas with her and her husbands family. Three, (10, 8 &5) children, who LOVE Christmas, a 2year old, who is just starting to catch on and a 4month old, who couldn't have cared less, made it lively!

Home and five of the six started a Monopoly game, me I relaxed and listened to the fun. Competition was fierce and cut-throat, with buying, selling and negotiations done as if it was real. The game was suspended at 10.15pm, to be finished on Boxing Day morning.

Not as early a start but still early, for us. Breakfast and then the game re-commenced, around the preparations for lunch, the game finished, with a count of assets as we had to leave for lunch at our younger daughter's place, for day two of Christmas. A bit calmer, as Master 2 was more  the focus and he did enjoy ripping the paper off. Miss 4 month old fell asleep on Granddad's lap. Lunch as relaxed, with plenty of talk, giggles and good food. We left around 4ish and the others stayed on, to then go to the other side of the family, to stay.

The house was so quiet and empty, the memories remain.

Yesterday I washed, tidied up and put my Christmas presents in my study. I got seven packets of colourful magazine holders, to replace the tatty ones I was using. I have been ruthless and done some more culling and the shelves look good. The cricket was on, keeping me entertained. I have also started to clean-out the built-in in the third bedroom, to try and get it tidy.

I've been reading the Christmas 2015 issue of the Family Tree magazine. A very interesting article, 'A game-changing year of genealogy' by Chris Paton had me looking at the Irish GRO website:
http://www.irishgenealogy.ie/     and I think I've found a great, great grandfather, back in Ireland. A very easy site to use, so have a look.  The magazine is one I subscribe to and most issues have information that I can use in my research.

The cricket has again been the backdrop to my morning and they have just gone to lunch, I suppose it is lunch time here too.

I hope that your Christmas was wonderful and that 2016 will bring you joy.
Bye for now,

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Photos part 3

After looking at the photos for several days, I decided that the gap had to be filled. Done! I think it now looks finished. All are now straight, too!

What do you think?

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Photos part 2

The photos are hung. The granddaughters did the design and I did the work. Here is the photo.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas Traditions

What Christmas Traditions do you have? Ones that have been passed down from one generation to the next?

As a child I can remember Mum would make both the Christmas cake and pudding. The Pudding would have sixpences and threepences in it, pre decimal currency. It would be made weeks before, in a pudding cloth and then, once cooked, hung in the bathroom, (not all bathrooms had loos in them, most loos were outside, this was a bathroom).  My Aunts would do the same.

Mum even made my sister and I puddings, after we were married.

I can remember, on Boxing Day, all the extended family, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc. would get together at Cronulla Beach. The kids would go off and swim, the Uncles would listen to the cricket and would also walk to the headland and watch the Sydney to Hobart yachts to past. The Aunts would sit and talk, some would probably knit. Lunch was leftovers and then everyone would share their cake and pudding. We kids always tried to find the piece of pudding with a coin in it.

I don't have any traditions, with my family, we would spend time with both sides of the family, when our girls were little. Now both are married and have families of their own, starting new traditions.

Have a Blessed Christmas,

Friday, 18 December 2015


21 photos ready to be hung. I will post a photo once they are up but here they are, all framed. It was hard selecting them, there were so many memories.

Two Free Courses



These have come up on Facebook and I thought that they might be useful.  I'm going to do the one from Futurelearn as I think it could be useful. It also doesn't hurt to refresh your skills.

The one from Dublin isn't in my timeframe, so I'm nor going to be doing it. Id anyone does, please let us know what it was like.

I'm now going to print holiday photos, of  Europe as our Granddaughters are  going to help me hang them.

Bye for now,

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Red Lipstick, Part 2

Well I've been wearing it for a week and find that I now reach for the lipstick, as I get ready to go out. I'm over the strangeness of wearing lipstick and it got me thinking; When did I stop wearing lipstick, on a day-to-day basis?   I don't know, probably when I stopped working full-time, maybe before that, I can't remember. So from now I, even if it is just to get the mail, at the post office, I'll put lipstick on.

Bye for now,

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Finding Ancestors

I 'played' on FamilySearch.org last night and if I've got it right, I've found my 5xgreatgrandfather. Did a bit of a happy dance, actually spun round and round on my chair. I will look at the records, in Salt Lake City, in February, to confirm it.

FamilySearch.org is done by the Mormans and is a really useful site. I have also ordered film, to view at my local stake.  Have a look, you might just find that missing piece.

Bye for now,

Thursday, 10 December 2015

My Day

The second Thursday of each month is writing group, in at the Society of Australian Genealogists, (SAG) and this is usually followed by lunch at a local cafe. Today was different, as there was another seminar on, in the afternoon.

Writing Group was great with 14 members presenting a short talk on a chosen topic. The group is very talented and we were treated to a wonderful selection of topics. The group went for lunch but two of us had booked the afternoon session.

Crime and Punishment presented by John Cann, from NSW Archives. Taking us on a journey from 1788 to today, John gave us an overview of what types of records, we could access. While he mentioned two paid sites, most of his talk centred around TROVE and the NSW Archives.

Showing us copies of actual documents, he explained what was NOT online and how a visit to the Archives would be useful.

If you think you might have a person, with a 'shady' past, have a look at these two sites.

I also picked up some useful books, published by Unlock The Past. I'm looking forward to reading them and using the information, when I am doing research.

Happy researching,

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Red Lipstick

I am reading a blog, INWORDSANDINK, by Haley. Haley is a young woman, who feels she is lacking in confidence. She has started a challenge, for herself, by wearing red lipstick, everyday and it is not a colour she usually wears.

Her last three posts have been about the challenge and how it is going, so far. I think she is amazing.

It got me to thinking. I wear a lot of red, shirts, shoes, nail polish, I feel that it gives me confidence but not lipstick. Today I bought a red lipstick and put it on. It feels strange and I have startled myself but I am going to keep on wearing it.

I don't know if I lack confidence or, as my husband says, I am just normally outgoing, saying Hi or smiling at people. It will be interesting to see how I go.

Will keep you posted.

Bye for now,

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I've been reading.

I'm an enthusiastic reader, usually having two to three books on the go, at once. I thought that I would share the pile I have gone through.
I really enjoy Mary Higgins Clarke and these three were no exception.  The Melody Lingers On, I picked up in Paris and finished it in Venice. The blurb says, '...  a huge financial scandal and a breathtaking tale of deception and betrayal.' Really good.

Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories, is a collection oh 10 short stories, with a twist. Enjoyed it.

All Dressed in White has us back with Laurier Moran as she recreates the disappearance of a bride-to-be. Gripping!

Kathy Reichs has Dr Tempe Brennan investigating a ' ... case more complicated and horrifying than she could ever have imagined ...' I enjoy Kathy's books.

Undercover is a love story, with a bit of a twist. Set in Colombia, Argentina, France and the USA, it is a fast flowing story, that gets you hooked.

Lastly, what is on my bedside table. I've read several of Monica McInerney's books and enjoyed them, this one is no different. A Taste for It is Set in the Clare Valley and Ireland, it is a story of Maura Carmody and her trip to Ireland, to promote her family winery. 

Sheila O'Flannagan is a new author, to me and this story has me hooked. Set in Ireland, it is about families. To tell you more would spoil the story.

I hope you like my reading list and feel free to tell me what you are reading.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Some useful information

Some information, so you can research your family over the Christmas break.
Civil Registration start dates for the states and territories are;
1838 - Tasmania
1841 - Western Australia
1842 - South Australia
1853 - Victoria
1856 - NSW and Queensland
1870 - Northern Territory
1930 - ACT.
For earlier Births, Death and Marriage records, you will need the church records. These are;
1787 - NSW
1803 - Tasmania
1829 - Queensland
1836 - Victoria
1842 - South Australia.
Victoria now has their Indexes FREE to search, as of November 2015.
Happy Researching,

Christmas Concert

Paul and I went to the Friends of the State
Library Christmas Concert and High Tea. It was lovely. Stopped at Martin Place and took a snap of the Christmas tree. Looked at the windows at David Jones and couldn't figure out the story. It was all this colouring in stuff, with one window as Santa's workshop, the rest were weird.