My Day

The second Thursday of each month is writing group, in at the Society of Australian Genealogists, (SAG) and this is usually followed by lunch at a local cafe. Today was different, as there was another seminar on, in the afternoon.

Writing Group was great with 14 members presenting a short talk on a chosen topic. The group is very talented and we were treated to a wonderful selection of topics. The group went for lunch but two of us had booked the afternoon session.

Crime and Punishment presented by John Cann, from NSW Archives. Taking us on a journey from 1788 to today, John gave us an overview of what types of records, we could access. While he mentioned two paid sites, most of his talk centred around TROVE and the NSW Archives.

Showing us copies of actual documents, he explained what was NOT online and how a visit to the Archives would be useful.

If you think you might have a person, with a 'shady' past, have a look at these two sites.

I also picked up some useful books, published by Unlock The Past. I'm looking forward to reading them and using the information, when I am doing research.

Happy researching,

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