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A Family Tree researcher for over 30 years and a blogger since 2010, I love to share what I find. This blog has opened up a new way to contact and keep in-touch with both family and friends. It mightn't always be genealogy related and you might not agree with my point of view but I want you to comment, ask questions and look upon this blog as 'friends having a chat'.

Monday, 30 November 2015


I have taken on a Spring School course from the University of Tasmania (UTAS), Writing Family History. While I missed starting, last week due to the work in my study, I have caught up and am looking forward to this weeks lectures. Done in two, three week blocks means we have a break over the Christmas period.

From the course outline, the topics are set out using the formula of how, who, where, what and when. These are then broken down into a series of between three or fours lectures, per week, that we can both listen to or download. This week is the How part and deals with developing our writing skills, (something I need help with), and I'm considering the topic, Conversations with the Past. It should be very interesting as I have several ancestors I'd love to have a conversation with.

Parallel to this lot of study is my ongoing genealogy course, with a new subject about to start. Well it keeps me busy!

I don't think the study will be fully 'done' Christmas but it can wait.


Sunday, 29 November 2015

A Time for Reflection

Today is our Ruby Wedding Anniversary, 40 years! We have had our ups and downs, like all married couples. Raised two incredible daughters, who in turn married wonderful men and have delighted us with four amazing grandchildren. We give thanks for them, they are blessings.

But with the passing of 40 years, I've dugout our wedding photos. Years ago I transferred them from a sticky page album to an archive one and in that I wrote out our guest list. Reading that and looking at the photos, I pause to reflect on those who have gone.

  60 people at our wedding and 22 have now gone. Sixteen of them family members.

My Mum, widowed in 1958, passed away in 2006. The Uncle, who 'gave' me away, also gone. Paul's Mum and Dad, wonderful people, they had  57 years together, before Mum passed away in 2006. Six years latter Dad went to be with her.

Our Best man, Paul's brother, Gary and their Auntie Joan, both taken by cancer. 
Our Minister, as well.

When we married, we were they younger generation, today were are the oldest generation.

So dig out those photos, have a look back at the past and give thanks for those we have loved and lost.

Bye for now,

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

My Time Away

Well the washing is done, dried and put away. The food was unpacked straight away and the bags put away and now even the suitcases are away. Photos uploaded, mail collected, Christmas ham ordered, now to blog!

We left last Tuesday (17th) and made Echuca our overnight stop. It made for a long drive but we had several rest stops along the way. Went to The Mill, a tapas bar for dinner, wonderful! We had never tried tapas before and really enjoyed it. Wednesday morning we took a paddle steamer ride on the Murray River.
While this was our second paddle steamer ride, it was our first going upstream.
The Murray River.

Enjoying morning tea.

From Echuca we drove through to Bendigo, with lunch at the Boardwalk Restaurant, beside Lake Weeroona. Then onto the Bendigo - Maryborough road and a pleasant drive through the Victorian countryside.

After a stroll through Maryborough and an argument with Navman, we made it to our accommodation, Donkey Tales, at Daisy Hill. As the name implies there were donkeys.

                                             The view from the cottage was lovely.

Thursday was set-up, presentations, scrutineering  and qualifying day, it was also very hot. After dropping the Granddaughter at the tents, with her teachers, Paul, Amanda and I walked the 1.2km track. It was very interesting to see how they had set it out, with part of the track encompassing local streets, as well as roads, through the local park. All the team drivers had to be 'licenced' to drive the vehicle and both them and the pit crew had to know all the technical side of it as well. The RACV provided judges and marshals. Imagine a car race, with all the trappings, but not the noise!  
Qualifying was fun to watched, with each team (92 in total) trying for pole position and not cause any damage to the vehicle.

For more about the RACV Energy Breakthrough, go to www.racvenergybreakthrough.net
I'm not going to add any race photos, but the website will have some.

Friday dawned with sun and ended  with wind and rain. The race started at 12 noon and continued until 8.00pm. We watched her race, only taking a break when she did. Nine drivers, with approximately half an hour per driver. This was just her team, there two others from the school as well. During her last stint, it started to rain and combined with the sun glare, she had to come in a lap early as she couldn't see. She went for a shower and we went for dinner and then back to the cottage.

Saturday's restart of the race, with each team starting in the position they had finished on Friday night, was at 6.00am. Again the weather gave us sun, wind and rain, sometimes all three at once!
With the race finishing at 12pm, the traditional photos of the damaged vehicles and the dousing of the team manager, with water, we got back to the cottage around 2.30pm.

A shower and resting took priority, followed by a great game of Balderdash. Note do not eat and play this game at the same time as much laughter ensues. Following this, we had several very competitive games of UNO, again with much laughter. Dinner was at the local Chinese restaurant and then we watched Christmas with the Kranks.

Sunday saw us start our homeward journey. Lunch in Benalla, beside the Broken River, made for a very pleasant stop.  We made our final stop, for the trip at Yass, staying in a cottage at the Thunderbird Motel. Dinner and a bottle of wine on the deck was a fitting end to a wonderful time away.

Home for lunch, yesterday, after stopping to see our Sydney Family. Tomorrow the carpet goes down and then the 'fun' of putting everything back begins.

Bye for now,

Monday, 23 November 2015


We have had seven days away, in Maryborough, Victoria. Our Granddaughter was racing, for her school team, in a Human Powered Vehicle or HPV. Her team did really well! When I'm more organised, I'll write some more and add photos.
Now for a cuppa,

Monday, 16 November 2015

Family Tree Programs

What, if any, family tree program do you use?  How do you find it?  Do you have your tree online, and with who?  Is there any problems with having it online?

I use Brothers Keeper by John Steed and find it really good. Having the paid version gives me access to different report types and they are useful. It is the only program I use and I'm looking for one I can use for clients, as I don't want to mix families. Brothers Keeper allows you to split data bases, so I could use it, at a pinch.   I have tried My Heritage and am now getting bugged to update etc.

I also, ages ago, put a small section of the tree on Ancestry, but took it down as I wasn't sure about them. FamilySearch has provision to have your tree with them and I'm considering it, so feedback would be great.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

Bye for now,

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Another Mystery Part 2

Back on 1st October, I wrote about a book I had been give and the interesting note inside it.  I haven't had any success in finding any descendants but I'm going to keep looking.

Thinking I might contact local family history groups, to see if they can help.

Bye for now,

A Bit Stunned

Like the rest of the world, I really feel for the people caught-up in the Paris tragedy. When we were there in July the security was very high. I have joked that I saw more armed troops on the streets of Paris than in Greece and Turkey, combined. I didn't feel unsafe, just a bit more cautious of what was going on around us. How this happened is something that the French authorities will have to look at but it has brought home to me that we should be very thankful that we don't have any land borders.

I found security, boarding a plane about the same as here but at the other end, we just walked out of the 'secure' area and no-one stopped us. People were also walking into the area and meeting people, no-one stopped them. We need to be vigilant but not let these thugs stop us from enjoying life, because if we do, they win.

Bye for now,

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Family Photos

Well my study is painted and I've got my computer back on the desk, but how long I'll stay in the room depends on the paint smell. It's pretty bad.

After I got the USB of family photos, I cropped individuals out of groups, named them and added them to the my family tree program.  Still got a few individuals to do but I've been able to do my grandparents, their children and grandchildren. Some of the great-grandchildren are also done and one great-great-grandchild too.  I had to re-do some of the documents, as there was a problem with the location but that is done too.

Will have to do my husbands side as, to quote him, "if you don't, the tree will be lopsided and might fall over." Love him to bits!

Bye for now,

Sunday, 8 November 2015

A bit of a rant and your thoughts, please.

I'm not one for passing on the old chain letters, that we would sometimes get. (Remember those?)  I also don't usually copy and paste things from Facebook, (that say to pass it on) but on Friday I was having a bit of fun, with a friend and did just that. You had to work out a message and then follow the instructions. Now I'm being 'blamed' because a 'friend' also followed the instructions, struth!  I have no doubt that most of my friends would have worked out the message and gone, 'so that is what it means' and then left it, fine.

What are your thoughts on the 'chain letter' post that come up on Facebook? Do you ignore, like I usually do or pass it on?

Bye for now,

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Something to Ponder

Two weeks ago I attended the Royal Australian Historical Society's annual conference. It was good to catch-up with friends, promote the family history group and hear very interesting speakers. The topics were broad, covering migration, from our convict beginnings to the migration of today.
Sunday started with presentations of awards and then a panel discussion and this is where it became interesting. New South Wales is looking at decreasing the number of Local Government Areas, (LGA) and something that I hadn't considered is what happens to local family/local history groups, with the restructuring?  While the council I live in will stand alone and out groups are safe, there are several others that are facing problems. Problems that were raised were,
  1. What if the LGA is divided between two other LGA areas?   You would loose your groups identity.
  2. What happens if the LGA is absorbed by its neighbouring LGA?
  3. If your group is in a council owned building, will you be able to stay?
  4. What could happen to your collection?
While the big picture is for less councils, these smaller things are important to us.  So pay close attention to what is happening, as your local groups existence could depend on it.
Bye for now,

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A Bit Slow in Writing

My study is nearly empty and things are scattered throughout the rest of the house, making it hard to find anything. The painter arrives next week and the carpet at the end of the month, new bookcases, to put together are in the lounge room and the third bedroom is packed with boxes. It will be great to have it fresh and tidy.

We minded our darling grandson, overnight on Sunday and it was great. James is such a cutie and is learning is numbers, pointing them out on the DVD player, phone, clocks, boxes. He also recognises letters and points them out too.

My cousin, Ruth, sent me an USB full of old family photos. A wonderful look back at family weddings or just candid shots of the family. Fantastic!

Have you made copies of your photos and given them to other family members? Not only is this a good way of keeping in touch but it means that you have a copy, off site, encase of any mishaps. This is also good for your research, too.

My plan is to make copies of the group photos and then using an editing program, 'cut' each person out of the group and attach them to their record, in my family tree program.  How to you store your certificates and photos?

Bye for now,