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22 Days to go!

Yes, 22 days till I fly to Salt Lake City, Utah for RootsTech.  Getting a tab excited and gathering the last of what I need, like money, travel insurance etc. Also cooking meals for my hubby, paying bills, reading and knitting.

Here in Australia it is still summer and we still have bushfires burning in most states. We have had more lives lost, including three American firefighters, who perished when their waterbombing aircraft crashed. So, so sad. They are now part of us.

We have managed to get away for a week to our Victorian family, driving a major highway, that was impacted by the fires. We had a wonderful time, as we usually do, with breakfast out on our first morning. It is something of a tradition that we all go to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and indulge.

                                                  Swans, near my daughter's place

I was also able to meet up with a Facebook friend, Louise Wilson and have morning tea with her and a walk through the Victorian St…