The Very Sad Death of Hubert Harris

 Going through a box of old documents, I found the front page of the Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 11 January 1955. It's yellowed and tatted but is a piece of my history. This story caught my eye and I thought I'd see how Hubert Harris faired. (As the article is from the USA, I converted US Pint, to Litres. 1 US liquid pint = 0.473176litres) Reading the article, Hubert had a 'pint of blood and hour.' The doctor said, 'We are not going to give up.' Searching Ancestry I found this article in a Texas newspaper, dated 10 January 1955. Hubert had died, in spite of the doctors efforts to keep him alive.  I also found his Texas death certificate. Rest in Peace Hubert Harris. (P.S. 160 pints =69.0816 litres)