Writing and an Interesting Drive Home.

Last night I attended a writing workshop at Writing NSW,   on Finding the detail: research tools for writers, presented by Eleanor Limprecht.  Eleanore has written three novels, many articles and reviews and she gave insights into her research.   You can read more about her books on her website.

It was held at Writing NSW, headquaters, at Callan Park.

On the handout Eleanore had a quote from Paul Auster, an American writer and director, which said, "The truth of the story lies in the detail."  It is the details that we find, for our ancestors that make them real for us and so it should be when we write about them.

Eleanor covered topics from Why Research? What are our resources? Types of information. Ways to organise your research. Ethical Considerations. And the one we all struggle with, How to put research aside and write.

I found that how she researches, for her novels, isn't that different to how I and…