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Monday, 15 January 2018

Links from our holiday.

I'm not getting any kick-backs, these are links to place we went and things we did.

Patchwork Shops

Post Office Patchwork.
33 Ross Street Glenbrook, 2773.
(02) 4739 9555
Yes it is in the old post office.


Picklemouse Corner.
1/152 Megalong Street, Leura 2780
(02) 4784 2854


Book Shops

Blue Dragon Books.
Shop C, 11 Ross Street, Glenbrook 2773
(02) 4739 2466
Secondhand books. All looked to be in very good condition.

Email only    bluedragonbooks@aapt.net.au

Megalong Books.
183 The Mall, Leura 2780
(02) 4784 1302
An interesting collection, not the big chain store types. Books on Local History and maps.


Lolly Shops.

The Candy Store.   Otherwise known as the Leura Lolly Shop.
Shop 6, 178 Leura Mall, Leura 2780
(02) 4782 4090
A large selection of mouth watering treats. The best lolly shop.


The Lolly Bug.
2297 Great Western Highway, Little Hartley 2790
(02) 6355 2162.
Over 200 different lines. Lovely hot chocolate.


Guest House.

Leura House, Guesthouse B&B
7 Britian Street, Leura 2780
(02) 4784 2035
Comfortable bed, plenty of hot water, lovely and quiet.


Simmo's OFFROAD Tours.

Greg Simpson.
0415 641 343
Email simmo@simmosoffroadtours.com
Gold Panning, Fishing Tours, Winery Tours or ask him about a personalised tour.


Bye for now,

A Birthday Celebration. Part 3

After a fun filled day, on Thursday,we spent Friday in relax mode and really enjoyed ourselves.

Early morning cuppa on the balcony. Breakfast, then a stroll around the block. A very big, hilly block. It was lovely to just stroll along, no cars, lovely views and a variety of birds, to see.

Our morning walk.

We then wandered into Leura. We window shopped, including seeing a woman, squashing flies, in the cakeshop window! YUK! Didn't get any food from that shop. Thought we would look around the park but found the path blocked by trees and the grass a bit long, to walk through. Turned and went back into town. With another stop at Megalong Books.

It was getting close to morning tea time, so we went to Bygone Beauties for a Devonshire Tea. Delicious! I also browsed through their teapot museum. It was lovely, with cases displaying teapots and tea related items, from various places. Interesting. They do High Tea and meals as well.

I got this perfect photo of a bee, busy getting pollen.

The day was getting warm, so Paul opted to sit, in the shade and wait while I went into Picklemouse Corner Patchwork shop, to browse. It is one of only two patchwork shops, in the Blue Mountains and it is wonderful.  Starting early on some Christmas things, they had just what I needed.

I went and joined Paul and we people watched for a while, then continued our window shopping. A chocolate shop and a woodwork shop were visited but nothing purchased. (We had been to the Leura Lolly Shop earlier and stocked up.)  The woodwork shop had some beautiful pieces, made with such precision and the lady said Paul could handle them to feel what they were like. Into Woolworths, for lunch supplies and we walked back to the house.

We took our food, drinks and books outside and sat in the gazebo. Several hours later we thought that we had better think about where to have dinner. It was sooooo good just to sit, read, eat, talk and listen to the birds. Very relaxing.

Dinner was at Leura Garage and as the name implies, it was a grarage, in a previous life. Rosemary flavoured shoestring chips, for entree, pizza for main and lemon sorbet for dessert, washed down with Italian Bellines, for me  and Shriaz, for Paul.

Saturday brought cool winds and some rain, as we startd our journey home, well via Blackheath, for some lookouts.  Govert's Leap was our first and only stop, due to the weather. Looking north, across the valley, with a hint of mist, it was beautiful. The waterfall was stunning.  Back on the road and the rain started and put a stop to our exploring, so we headed home.

We have had a wonderful, relaxing time,

Bye for now,

Again the copyright is wrong and it should be 2018. I'm also going to do a post with links to the places we went.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Birthday Celebration. Part 2

Happy Birthday, to ME!

After an early morning cuppa, on the balcony and breakfast we were readdy for our adventure. I had booked to go 4WDriving with Simmo's Offroad Tours, www.simmosoffroadtours.com     Simmo, (alias Greg) arrived at 9.30 in a HUGE Land Crusier, (the beast) and my adventure began. How does one get into this beast, ladylike?  Answer, You Don't! One foot on the running board, grab the handle and haul yourself up. Once settled we were off, heading west.

Our drive took us out to Mt Victoria, (1,052m), the top of the range. Turning right onto Station Street/ Darling Causeway, we continued  to the end and then turned left into Chifley Road. (Ben Chifley was an Australian Prime Minister, born in Bathurst.) At the old Zig Zag Railway, we turned onto our first dirt road and headed into Wolgan Vally and the Sandstone Pagodas. These are sandstone formations that look like pagodas. Stunning. From here we headed to Lithgow, (950m), the first big town, on the western side of the mountains.
A Sandstone Pagoda.

After a short stop at the tourist information centre, we continued west, before again turning right and a stop at Maiyinga Marragu, Blackfellows Handcave. Here we walked and climbed, for about 500 meters, to reach the cave. It is a very large overhang, with great acoustics and rock art 1,000's of years old. We walked the length of the cave, until a fallen tree blocked  our way. The area is beautiful, quiet and the art stunning.
Blackfellows Handcave.

Once back in the beast, Simmo gave a a taste of real 4WD, taking us on a track that would 'kill' an average car. Deep ruts, trees down, puddles, added to the experence. Thankful that both the beast and the seats had good suspension, as we were josteled around. Loved it!

Back on a normal road, Simmo suggested that we head to lunch. Into the Lisdale State Forest, full of pine trees, we had to pass through, to get to the Marrangaroo National Park. All the signs said 4WD ONLY.

Bouncing along, we came to the Cox's River. Flowing across rocks, Simmo said that we were going to cross it, as one does, it one want to get to lunch!  More driving and at the bottom of a hill, there was a picnic table, our lunch spot, beside the river.

We went for a stroll and Simmo cooked lunch, of BBQ salmon and salads, with a bottle of sparking wine and fresh fruit. Delicious. The table was set with a white cloth, plates, cutlery and serviettes, very civilized.
Cox's River

Our transport.

The road in.

Once lunch was finished and packed up we took the reurn trip, bvack to the highway and Hartley General Cemetery, with a stop at the Lolly Bug for coffee and lollies. We were looking for an old family grave and we found it. Blackheath Cemetery was our next stop for more grave hunting. We found these as well.
The bug at the Lolly Bug, Hartley.

                                                  Hartley General Cemetery.

Late afternoon and Simmo dropped us back at Leura House, thrilled to have had such an awesome day.

Now you are probably wondering, if it was such an effort to get in the beast, how did I get out? Well, I'd hold onto the door and slide out.

Dinner at the Hotel Alexander, sitting in the courtyard, was the perfect end to a perfect day.

More in the next post.

Bye for now,
Copyright should read 2018.

A Birthday Celebration. Part 1.

As my birthday fell on Thursday, Paul and I deceided to spend four nights away, in the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney. It was soooooo relaxing!

Wednesday moring and we packed the car, pointed it west and hit the road. While there are roadworks on the M4, we were in no hurry and the weather,(rain), had us driving carefully.

Our first stop was Glenbrook, (163m) at the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Morning tea in Cafe Vincent, was delicious, with Paul enjoying a Portuguese Tart and I had a chocolate, raspberry and almond cake. Next was Post Office Patchwork and I enjoyed a browse, and adding to my stash! Judy has had the shop for the last three years, as it looked like it might have to close, if someone didn't buy it. Lovely to talk to a fellow quilter.  Up the street was a bookshop, Blue Dragon Books, a browse was required.

                                                     Suzie Bear, at Post Office Patchwork.

The weather was alternating between, drizzle, mist and rain but we were able to wander around and stay dry.

Back on the highway, we continued our climb, often driving through mist, giving everything a muted feel.

The road has improved so much, since I first drove it back in the 1970's, that we soon reached Leura, (985m). Our challenge, which we had to accept was to find a parking spot. Even with the indifferent weather, Leura was packed. Parking found, we joined the throngs of people, walking along Leura Mall, stopping to window shop or read a menu, for lunch.  After a quick bite to eat, I ducked into Megalong Books, to select a book, for my birthday, from our daughter. We now opted to go to our guest house.

Leura House, c1880, is in Britian Street, just off the Great Western Highway. We were shown around by Gary, the owner and once the car was unpacked, we settled in.  The waether started to clear, so we strolled into town, for some milk and nibbles.
                                                              Leura House.

Back in our room, a cuppa was made and we sat on the balcony, overlooking the large yard. So restful, with the traffice sounds, muted by a natural wall, as the house being on top of a hill. Cockies, magpies and other birds, added to the atmosphere. I spent some time walking the grounds and taking photos.
The view from our balcony.

The garden, in the mist.

Dinner at Tamarin Resturant, an Indian resturant ended our day. It had been many years since we had eaten Indian food and we really enjoyed it.

On our walk back to Leura House, black cockatoos flew by, not giving me time for a photo.

So ended out first day. More in the next post as to what we did, on my birthday.

Bye for now,

Saturday, 6 January 2018

A distant relation, shipwrecked.

As today and tomorrow are hot and going to get hotter, I'm spending my time 'playing' with the ancestors. The lady mentioned in this article is a distant relation to my husband, Paul.
I love the description of how she met her husband, beautiful.
Canowindra Star and Eugowra News (NSW : 1903 - 1907; 1910 - 1911; 1914 - 1922), Friday 8 February 1918, page 4
Bye for now,

Monday, 1 January 2018

January, 12 Ancestors in 12 Months. AMELIA JANE HUGHES.


Born: 22 January 1858[i] at Black Creek, this is near Maitland. Amelia was the third child to John and Jane Hughes. She had a big brother, William. She would be one of 11 children, with three dying before their first birthdays.

Her paternal grandparents were, Samuel Hughes and his wife Ann[ii] and on her maternal side, Charles Hughes and Amelia Nichols[iii]. Amelia was the daughter of John Nichols, a First Fleeter, (Scarborough) and Ann Pugh, thus making Amelia Jane a second generation to be born in the colony of New South Wales.

On 5 August 1879 Amelia Jane married Ralph Millar at Gowrie, not far from Singleton, she gave her occupation as Gentlewoman.[iv] Six children would bless this union, Marian Jane 1880, Henry James 1882, Florence 1884, Edith Pearl Amelia 1885, Ruby 1889, and Constance 1892. Sadly just three months after Constance’s, Amelia Jane died on 24 March 1892 of peritonitis and pneumatic congestion.[v]

Death notices were inserted into local papers and she was buried 25 March 1892 in the Branxton General Cemetery.

                            Amelia Jane Millar, nee Hughes was my husband’s great-grandmother.


   Bye for now,

[i] NSW Birth certificate 1858/446 8495
[ii] Per John Hughes NSW Death certificate 1898/ 13174
[iii] NSW Birth certificate 691/1832  V1832691 16
[iv] NSW Marriage certificate 1879/4494
[v] NSW Death certificate 1892/6013

Saturday, 30 December 2017

12 Ancestors in 12 Months

Several of my friends do a blog called 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, me I'm not that organised, so for the next 12 months I'm going to pick an ancestor a month and tell you about them. I will use the month of their birth as my selection guide. Sometimes there might be two but I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

Stay tuned, the first one will be on Monday.

Happy New Year,