2020, What a Start to the Year

2020! Wow, a new decade! There wasn't much to celebrate at the end of 2019 with catastrophic bushfires raging in all states of this wonderful country. The fires continued and more started, lives and homes lost, wildlife and their habitats raised.  So, so sad.

We had Master 6 and Miss 4 stay with us for several days and had a 'wild' party on New Years Eve! They were asleep by 9.00pm!

I have been reading, with five books finished. These being;

Ghost Swifts, Blue Poppies and the Red Star by Nathan Dylan Goodwin. Based on his extended family, it is about a mother's search to find how her son died in World War One. Beautiful story.

The Dilemma by B A Paris. This was recommended by a friend and wasn't an author I had read before. I really enjoyed the book. Set over one day it tells of a couple, each hiding a secret about one of their children and the dilemma of telling each other what they know, before a big familt event.

On Writing by Stephen King. Yes, THE Stephen King…