Arriving late on the evening of the 22nd, dinner and bed were my only two options and both were very welcome.

Sunday dawned cool and blue skied and Kristy Gray and her navigator James Green took several of us on an amazing sight seeing tour.

First stop was on the causeway leading to Antelope Island. Why, you may ask? Well look at the photos.
The reflections were stunning.

                       Stopping next at Ladyfinger Point, we walked to the viewing area.

From there we could see across the lake and the water was so very calm. I spotted a coyote. We spent several hours exploring the island, gazing is awe at the mountains and the reflections. Bison and antelope were view, including one bison who crossed the road in front of us and then did a bit of a dance. The antelope are called Pronghorn and are the fastest land animal in North America.

There are over 500 Bison on the island and they are the largest land animals in North America.
This is a map of the island.

Our next stop was th…