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Friday, 30 September 2016

Family Friday; Twin Boys!

Twins Boys, John and Matthew Abberton.

Thomas and Mary’s 12th and 13th children were twin sons, John James Samuel and Matthew Joseph. The arrived on 28 February 1871, giving Thomas two more sons, to go with the nine daughters, (eight still living), he had.

Not much is known about these two men. They didn’t marry or have any (known) children. The family rumour has it that they did have ‘liaisons’, with some of the local indigenous women, so who knows. But it is only a rumour.

From my research, I think that John stayed on the farm and Matthew got a job.

Documents from the Australian National Archives have John taking over the post office at Mummell and it ‘being in a deplorable state, that it recommended that it be closed.’ Thomas and Mary had run the post office from a shed on their property, their daughter having taken it on after Thomas’s death.

Matthew appears to have worked for the railways, at Goulburn. In what capacity I’ve still to discover.

Both men were mentioned in various local papers, for their sporting exploits and that is it.

In a blog post on Tuesday 26 April 2016, I wrote that Matthew had had An Eight Year Feud. That turned out to be an ongoing intestinal problem!

Matthew also had a close encounter with a tiger snake, as the article below shows.
John died on 10 February 1920, aged 49
Matthew died on 18 December 1920, aged 68.
All these articles came from the Goulburn Evening Penny Post. 1881 - 1940.
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Saturday, 24 September 2016

A perfect day.

We have spent the day in Kuranda, in the Atherton Tablelands and it was wonderful.

After our coach dropped us at the train station, we boarded for our journey, up the mountain. The railway was built between 1882 and 1891. There are over 37 bridges and 15 hand-made tunnels. The longest of these is 429 meters. It takes you. 328 meters above sea level. There is one curve of 80degrees and you get a great shot of both the front and back of the train. The trip was about an hour and forty minutes.

Arriving Kuranda, we stopped for the tourist photo.

We had lunch at the Barron Falls pub, the locals eat there and the food was great. We then walked to the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, home to over 1500 tropical butterflies.

Ice cream, at Kuranda Icecream, was a treat and it was delicious! We then wandered back to the Skyrail station, for our return journey. This trip was 8.3kms and around forty minutes, with two stops. We glided over the Barron River and the rainforest canopy. An amazing trip.

Enjoying a glass of wine, before dinner.

Friday, 23 September 2016

My day

After a lovely swim a walk to the beach, was in order. The spider was one of three, sharing a web.

Family Friday; Elizabeth Mary Abberton and Theresa Mary Abberton.

Elizabeth Mary Abberton and Theresa Mary Abberton.


While these two girls aren’t twins, I know  very little about them and have chosen to do them together.

Elizabeth Mary was born 1867, becoming Thomas and Mary’s 10th child and eighth daughter. In 1894 she married Walter Thomas Daniel. Daniel was born circa 1862 and died 30 January 1955.

Elizabeth and Daniel had three children;

1)      Thomas Leslie born 29 July 1894. He married Gladys M S Fletcher in 1917. They had four children, three boys and a girl.

2)    Jack Alfred born 26 September 1895. He married May Lee and they had two daughters.

3)      Linus Mary born 9 March 1901. She married John O’Connell and had two daughters. When John died, Linus re-married to Joseph Kahler and had two boys and a girl.

Elizabeth died 23 January 1937.

( This information was given to me by a daughter of Linus, who had documented her family.)


Theresa Mary, born 5 December 1868, giving Thomas and Mary their 11th child and ninth daughter. She married George Henry Tunks in 1893. George died 1933. They had three daughters;

1)      Edith B , born 1895, married William G Gates in 1926.

2)      May A, born 1900, married Thomas E Byrne in 1930.

3)      Aimee B, born 1905.

Theresa died in 1947.

This is the sum of the information I have on these to great-aunts of mine. SOOOO if there is anybody out there related to them, please post a comment, they need to be more than a range of dates.

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(I suppose I could always troll Trove.)

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Trove Tuesday; Patrick Maher

Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), Tuesday 26 July 1927, page 10


Patrick Maher, is one of those peripheral relations.
He was married to Florence Vivian Corinda Millar, in 1908 and they had two children, Catherine, born 1911 and Patrick, born and died 1914.
(Florence is the sister of Edith Magill, nee Millar, my husband's grandmother.)
I don't know what caused Patrick to take is own life. The coroner ruled that he was 'temporally insane', when he died. He is buried in the Moonbie Cemetery. Florence joined him in 1950.
This is my last Trove Tuesday post, for awhile as I want to start something different. Please continue to tune-in, on a Tuesday to see what is going on.
Thank you for following these posts.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Rain and Reading.

Sydney is having a cold wet day, just the day to read. Below are three that I have on my bedside table.
Sweet Tomorrows, is the last in the Rose Harbor Inn series. A beautiful read, that took me a day. Debbie Macomber writes great books and I am waiting to see if she does another series.

Writing and Publishing Gripping Family Histories, by Carol Baxter, was my treat at the conference. Carol's 'How To' books are easy to read and full of useful ideas. Great for the Genealogist!

I have just started The Doctor Calling, by Meredith Appleyard and am loving it. Set in South Australia, it is another good Australian story.

I've also been reading from my Kindle.
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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Wedding Dress to Christening Dress

Well my wedding dress is now apart, the christening dress pattern cut out, only have to pin. cut and sew.

                                                     What was my wedding dress.

The pattern I'm using.

All cut out.
I knew that the lace in the sleeves wouldn't be enough, so purchased this, to use in its place.  
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