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Congress Photos.

Still having issues with the laptop but at least I am home and can upload the photos.

Congress name tag and my first set of blogger beads. Jill Ball provided all the bloggers, she knew with beads, this way we could identify fellow bloggers.

The Congress satchel and what was inside. The program was invaluable as with four concurrent sessions, over four different rooms, it kept you on track. I saw a number of people who had highlighted their choices. I circled mine.

                                Meet and greet was held at the Australian War Memorial.

Simpson and his donkey, outside the entrance to the Australian War Memorial.
Guests of a different feather.

                                                      The 'G' for George bomber.

Friday and Jenny Joyce is typing up her blog, while waiting for the keynote address by Roger Kershaw. Jenny and I both lamented that having a laptop is great, if we only had a lap to put it on.

The National Archives of Australia, who have TROVE,…


After a brisk and foggy start to the day, I am home.

Driving was interesting as there was fog, then none and then fog again. Lake George was shrouded in a thick blanket of fog.  I found it beautiful that there were so many spider's webs, in the roadside trees and that they were hung with dew drops. Not something you see all the time.

Stopped at Vicki's for a cuppa and a cuddle of  James.  My darling grandson is such a cutie and love 'playing' chasings. It is me saying "I'm coming to get you" and James giggling and walking away from me.

A load of washing is done and about to be hung, then lunch.

Tired but glad to be home.

Photos to come of Congress.

Bye for now,

What a day!

After a brisk walk to the convention centre, I finally woke up. Bit cool out, this morning.

A Chinese Proverb says, "When the winds of change blow, some build walls, others build windmills."

Something to ponder. Do you build walls or windmills?

Joshua Taylor, started the day with a wonderful keynote address on Connecting Across Past, Present and Future. He spoke of his holidays, with is grandma, who got him  interested in family history. His comment, 'the past is full of adventure,' resonated with me. He also reminded us to cite our sources.

Wills was next, with Jenny Joyce. While I had done Irish wills, Jenny's talk covered England and Wales. It really re-enforced what I had learnt in my course.

Paul Miliner gave an interesting talk on Scottish maps and gazetteers. I should now be able to locate my ancestors place of residence.

Irish Census and Census Subistitutes by David Rencher, finished off the morning sessions. This talk expanded my knowledge on this subjec…

Busy day today

I've a busy day today with five sessions and two keynote addresses.

Joshua Taylor starts the day with, his keynote address on Connecting Across Past, Present and Future.
Then my sessions start with Jenny Joyce covering Wills from England and Ireland. Then onto Scotland, with Paul Milner. Ireland is next with David Rencher followed by lunch and then Richard Reid's keynote address.

My afternoon is Scotland with John Blackwood and the Helen Smith talks on Friendly societies. A good way to end the day.

Going to get breakfast and call my darling husband.  More later today, much to busy during the day to blog, will fill in details tonight.

Bye for now,

The rest of my day

A keynote address, started the afternoon session. Roger Kershaw spoke on Tracing free emigrants to Australia. Much of what he spoke on is available here as part of the Joint Copying project. It was very interesting.

Carol Baxter gave a very useful talk, Help! What information is correct? - strategies for determining historical truth. Ways we can work out what is correct. Her book is very useful on the topic.

Last session for today, Colleen Fitzpatrick, had us laughing at how a group worked out how to fix a date to a picture. Her talk was titled, Not, just the facts, Ma'am, give me the big picture.  The picture was a man, sitting on a dead horse, in Wisconsin. Makes me think that I should re look at  some of mine.

I'm tired, but have had a great time. Dinner was at the Pancake Parlour and then a wander around the shops. Feet up and a book to read, will end my day.

Bye for now,

The day, so far

Two very interesting talks, this morning and a speakers corner, have made for a good day.

David Berry from the NSW State Library, spoke on tracing your ancestors in the digital age. He highlighted their three main resources. The Digital Excellence Program, eRecords and Discover Collections. Such a wealth of records.
My next talk was by Shaun Rohrlach of National Archives, Australia. He highlighted their Discovering ANZAC site:
This site is well worth a good look.
My next three sessions are in the same theatre, if I can find it.
Bye for now, Lilian

Lift Off

The new and improved site, designed by Christine at Gecko Gully. Thank you for a fantastic job.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lift off.

I'm off to Congress later, after breakfast.

Have a great day,

Meet and Greet

A large number of genealogists gathered in the Australian War Memorial, for the first function go Congress. Bloggers with beads were numerous and had others asking about our beads.

While there was plenty to drink, food was in short supply but what there was, was tastey. Salmon croquettes, small lamb pies, salt and pepper quail and bruschetta were the selection.

I had a lovely time catching up with quiet a few friends and meeting new ones.

Still unable to add photos, so it is up to Jill, to do that.

Bye for now,


Had fantastic drive down, little to no traffic! Hotel is comfortable and walking distance to the National Convention Centre Canberra, so I will get some exercise as well. After parking the car, like playing Tetris, I don't want to move it.

Registration was very efficient, collect name tag in one spot and your satchel in another.

Caught up with Jill Ball and as beaded, as a blogger. Shauna Hicks, Pauline Cass and Jenny Joyce were also there and collected their beads.

Having problems with the hotel WiFi, so glad I packed my modem.

Meet and Greet at the Australian War Memorial tonight. It will. Be good to see everyone.

Going to have a cuppa,

Website launch

Friday at Congress. The details will follow.


Website update

The site is looking really good and while it has gone 'live' there are a few teething problems, that are being sorted. I hope that I will be able to launch it Thursday.

I love the clean new look and the fact that there is a blog attached to it. I'm going to be writing three blogs now!

(Still haven't packed but  the clothes have met the suitcase.)

Bye for now,

Count down to Congress.

Well I've opened the suitcase and dropped in some mini Mars Bars and a packet of chips. Thinking what else  do I need? Clothes would be good, toothbrush, jacket, undies. Having stayed in the hotel before I might throw in a quilt as it can get cold.
Okay, I've thought about it and it will happen but I'm reading a really good book and want to see what happens.
Going to read, bye,

My website

For the past six months I haven't been happy with the way my site looks, (not to mention the company looking after it). Changes needed to be made and I contacted a friend, who has the knowledge, experience and expertise to do this. (It is her job) The simple yet very effective changes she has made has brought the site to life. She has also given me the 'power' to make the day-to-day changes I require. I am so looking forward to it going 'live' this week!

It has been really good to listen to her explain how things can be tweaked and while the content is the same, the page looks totally different.

Have a great week.
Bye for now,

Friday Chat

I have had an interesting day, attending part two of conservation course.  The Royal Australian Historical Society, held this at Callan Park and today I went for a walk and took some photos. Great-Grandma Galbraith spent time there and it was interesting to wander around. The beautiful sandstone buildings I saw date from 1880 and 1883.

These four photos show different parts of the area. It is now under the University of Sydney and they are using the old buildings for different subjects.

The conservation course had us making a Solander Box, for storing documents in. They are named after Swedish botanist, Daniel Solander, (1733-1782).
                                                 It doesn't look much standing on its end.

                                                      Now you can see inside a bit.

Laying flat you can see that it is two rectangle pieces, that fit one inside the other. This forms a seal and keeps the dust out. I purchased some more cardboard, buckram and  gl…

Tv and Radio Star

Above is the link to my small segment on the Today Show. I'm pretty happy with how it was edited and presented.

The other media I did this morning was a on-air interview with the new Brekky Show on 2BACR 100.9fm, local community radio. This was to promote the family history group. It was also their  first Brekky show.

Louise and Brendan have set me a task to see if George Johnston, of the Rum Rebellion as any living descendants. It is going to be fun to find out. George and his family had land grants in the Bankstown area.

Bye for now,


Well to be precise; The 14th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry.

I haven't been to congress before, so I don't really know what to expect, except that I will know people attending. Jill Ball of GeniAus will be there, Christine, Sue and several others from the writing group are also going. It is going to be fun. Leaving my husband to batch and look after the dog.

Of the four days, I'm doing two and selecting what talks to go to has been difficult. I've tended to go with areas I'm researching and a couple that sounded interesting.

Bye for now,

My TV debut

Well back on the 17th February, I said watch this space, well... Monday 16 March at 8.50am on the Today Show on channel 9.

have a good weekend.

International Women's Day

The theme for this year is "Make It Happen".

What do you want to make happen, this year? What are your goals/dreams?

I haven't really given much thought to what I want to make happen. Paul is going to retire, so travel is on our horizon. Family visits, new grandchild, no more ironing business shirts, no more 5.30am alarms. Little things.

Genealogy wise, break down a few more brick walls, study, work on my writing. Things I do normally.

I'm stumped on this and will have to give it more thought. I know something will happen, sometime.
 Bye for now,

Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month. So who are the women in your family? What did they do?

                                                      Louisa Mary Ann Nicolls.
                                     Born 8 December 1860 in Lochyersleigh, NSW.
                                      Daughter of Henry Nicolls and Ann Enright.
      Married Thomas Joseph Abberton, (1865-1914)   on 1 January 1890 in Mummel, NSW.
                                        Died 7 May 1903 in Centre St, Redfern, NSW.
                                          Buried 8 May 1903 in Rookwood, NSW.

These few dates and some names don't tell us much. What did she do? Did she have any children? Did she have any siblings? What did she die off?  Questions that will shed some light on my Grandmother.

From my research, I know that Louisa was a school teacher, first at Tarlo Gap and then at Mummel. I know that at the time she was teaching there, Mummel was a thriving community, with a post office, (run by Thomas&…

My social Monday

I have had a very social Monday and loved it!

Started with a neighbour joining me as I walked down the street. Caught up on how our families are going. We both have daughters due with their second child.

Coffee with the girls, this morning and it seems to last longer each week. We chat, laugh and have a good time catching up with what happened, since the last coffee. Coffee, funny I don't drink it but saying 'going for a hot chocolate' doesn't sound the same.

Wandered home, stopping to talk with people I know, finding out who is ill, who needs support. Lovely.

Called into to see a niece and her boys but they were at school and pre-school, Not to worry they will be in to see the veggie patch, tomorrow. They like checking on how their plants are growing.

Caught up with a neighbour, who was back visiting. Got to see the baby, nearly 1! Such a cutie.

Made it inside and had several long phone calls. Finally go to do some research, now luck but will keep looking, then did so…