Congress Photos.

Still having issues with the laptop but at least I am home and can upload the photos.

Congress name tag and my first set of blogger beads. Jill Ball provided all the bloggers, she knew with beads, this way we could identify fellow bloggers.

The Congress satchel and what was inside. The program was invaluable as with four concurrent sessions, over four different rooms, it kept you on track. I saw a number of people who had highlighted their choices. I circled mine.

                                Meet and greet was held at the Australian War Memorial.

Simpson and his donkey, outside the entrance to the Australian War Memorial.

Guests of a different feather.

                                                      The 'G' for George bomber.

Friday and Jenny Joyce is typing up her blog, while waiting for the keynote address by Roger Kershaw. Jenny and I both lamented that having a laptop is great, if we only had a lap to put it on.

The National Archives of Australia, who have TROVE, have now produced guides for how to use TROVE. Very useful.

                                                Goodies I purchased.

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