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Friday, 27 March 2015

The rest of my day

A keynote address, started the afternoon session. Roger Kershaw spoke on Tracing free emigrants to Australia. Much of what he spoke on is available here as part of the Joint Copying project. It was very interesting.

Carol Baxter gave a very useful talk, Help! What information is correct? - strategies for determining historical truth. Ways we can work out what is correct. Her book is very useful on the topic.

Last session for today, Colleen Fitzpatrick, had us laughing at how a group worked out how to fix a date to a picture. Her talk was titled, Not, just the facts, Ma'am, give me the big picture.  The picture was a man, sitting on a dead horse, in Wisconsin. Makes me think that I should re look at  some of mine.

I'm tired, but have had a great time. Dinner was at the Pancake Parlour and then a wander around the shops. Feet up and a book to read, will end my day.

Bye for now,

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  1. Thanks for your posts today - you went to some different sessions from me so it's good to hear about what you heard.