Transcription Agents.


As it is very wet both in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, genealogists just might spend their weekend doing research and ordering certificates. Below are the details of transcription agents, very useful people.

Here in New South Wales (NSW), we have three transcription agents, Joy Murrin, Marilyn Rowan and Laurie Turtle. These wonderful people and save you money, when you want a certificate, to verify a birth, death or marriage.
What, might you ask is a transcript? A transcript is an actual copy of a document, everything written on it. This is very helpful if you are looking for say a marriage and know they split-up. I have several transcripts of different marriages, where in the comments section is, decree absolute and a date, etc. or who gave permission, if the parties were under age.

Joy Murrin, of Joy Murrin Family History Service, offers transcripts for NSW, Victoria, England and Wales, Scotland and New Zealand.
Joy also offers partial searches, if you are just looking for one thing.

Marilyn Rowan, of  also offers NSW, England and Wales and New Zealand and a document copying service, for the NSW Archives. This is very useful if you live in another state.

Laurie Turtle, of  Turtle Consolidated Services, offers NSW, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as document copying for the NSW Archives.

One more thing about these agents is that they don't take long in the transcript and it can be emailed to you.  Saving you time and money!
So next time you need that certificate, look at a transcription agent.

(I have met all three agents and use Joy Murrin Family History Service.)

Happy Researching,

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