Family Friday; Henry Edward Vaughan

                                                    Henry Edward Vaughan.

(Since I'm doing this in the hope of finding 'cousins', I haven't any documents for Henry. I have used Trove and the New South Wales, BDM's.)

Henry, Henry, Henry, what a merry dance your have lead me on!  I thought I had you neatly packaged up, born, married, had children and died. But no!

I know you are the eldest son of Henry and Charlotte, born in 1842, most likely in Sydney. Then I find you, in 1862 getting married to Mary Ann Brown. Seven children follow; 1863 Henry Neatby; 1865 James G; 1867 Alfred E; 1870 Charlotte Alice, died 1871; 1872 Lydia C; 1875 Walter Oliver; 1877 George Atherden.  Finally your death in 1901. But it is what lies between your birth and your death that is intriguing.

So, Dear Henry, I'll continue. I know that you entered your father's business and became and auctioneer and that you were an executor of his will, that I can prove. I also know that you took over the business and continued it, until your death.  Your will states that you are an Estate Agent. I find that you are a Mason and were a Grand Master, at one stage.

I've searched Trove for you and found many interesting snippets. In both 1872 and 1881, I find you mentioned is court cases, one where you were seeking compensation and one where you were called as a witness, fascinating reading. There is a notice in the Bowral Free Press and Berrima District Intelligencer (NSW : 1884 - 1901) Wednesday 18 September 1889 , where you have been nominated for council. What are you doing in Mittagong?  I see you being made a Justice of the Peace, in 1890 at Campbelltown. Not your usual haunt, me thinks.

Then I find in the Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 7 January 1902, and In Memoriam notice that reads;Vaughan - In loving memory of my dear husband and our father, Henry Edward Vaughan, J.P. on the 5th January 1901, late of The Rocks, Katoomba, Kilwinning, Homebush and 142 King street, Sydney. Inserted by his loving wife Alice S Vaughan and family.

Alice! Who the heck is Alice?

 What happened to Mary?

 I begin more research into your life and discover that you lost your Dear Mary in September 1884 and that she was buried in the Balmain Cemetery on 10 September 1884. Your youngest is just 7 years old.

More searching and there is your marriage, in 1885,  to Alice S Brownjohn at Berrima. Six children follow; 1886 Florence B; 1888 Gertrude A; 1890 Wilfred J; 1892 Mildred S; 1895 Harold W; 1899 Raymond A.  Two are born in Katoomba, two are born in Campbelltown, one in Redfern and one in Berrima. It is all starting to fit. You had to have been living in the Berrima area to be nominated for council and as you married there, it seems reasonable. You must have been living in Campbelltown, when you became a J.P. in 1890, two children being born there makes it possible. I want to know why you were there? How did you meet Alice? 

More Trove reading and I see notices for Probate and search for your will. Your estate is valued at 16,133pounds. It will take until 1922 for probate to settle. I find Alice's funeral notice in the Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 20 January 1948.

A bit of Google searching, for Henry and I find that he was an alderman, for Glebe, between 1883 and 1885.  According to the Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society Inc.,  Henry was Mayor of Campbelltown and lived at Parkholme. Now called Englorie Park, it is still standing and is a child care centre. I can find no other details for either The Rocks at Katoomba or Kilwinning at Homebush.

I wandered around Rookwood Necropolis, looking for Vaughan graves and did find Henry's. There are 11 family members buried in the plot.

So if Henry Edward Vaughan is on your family tree, please contact me as Isabella, is sister is my ancestor.

Bye for now,

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