Family Friday, William Vaughan.

                                                     William Vaughan.
Well, William, are you going to give me as much fun as your big brother, Henry Edward did? I don’t think so. Someone has already done a great deal of research into this family and I found it on Ancestry. I haven’t looked at it fully because I didn’t want to be distracted, when looking for you.

So William Nathaniel Vaughan, born 1843, to Henry and Charlotte. You are their third child, second son and the second child to live, well done. I’ll lay out the facts, as I have them and see if anyone nibbles the bait.

Born:- 1843, to Henry and Charlotte.

Married:- 1867 to Elizabeth Bell.

Children:- 1868, Annie J

                  1870 William Forsyth, died 1949

                  1878:- Hercules George, died 1955

                  1880:- Elizabeth Eveline, died 1924.

Now William this is where it gets a bit tricky; there are 10 registered births, to parents William and Elizabeth, between 1868 and 1880. Four I know are yours as you used either N or Nathaniel for your second name. Three belong to William Henry. The remainder just have William as the father, no middle name. (sigh). Let’s look at this logically. There is a big gap between William and Hercules, (why I ask did you name him Hercules?) and in the list of births are three, that could/might be yours. 1873 James Henry and twins, 1874, Stanus Robert and Edward Andrew. Both of these died 1874.  Without the certificates I can’t claim them for you, but am so sorry that they didn’t live. (Elizabeth’s death notices show she had two brothers, James and Stanus, so they could well be yours.)

You, William rate a mention in your father’s will, as one of the executors. Your name appears in the death and funeral notices for him but other than that you are elusive.

September 1885 brings you sadness, with the death of Elizabeth. Her death notices show that she was loved by both sides of the family, with your siblings inserting notices, as well as hers. It is in one of these notices I find that you were a member of the Independent Order of Royal Foresters.

The next piece of information I have for you is your re-marriage to a Sarah Solomon.

The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday 6th October 1886, page 1 reads; Vaughan- Solomon September 16, by the Rev Mr Tress at St Peter’s Church, Woolloomooloo, William N Vaughan to Sarah Ann Solomon of Crown St Woolloomooloo.

I can find no children, that could be yours and Sarah’s but I do know Sarah had children of her own, from her first marriage. (Sarah’s story will be told at another time, I find her interesting.)

Sarah dies in 1904 leaving you a widower but this time your children are grown.

 Your verse;   ‘As the ivy clings to the oak, My memory clings to thee.”   In her In Memoriam notice is lovely.

My next piece is your death notice, 22 May 1913. You are 70 years old, having been born during the reign of Queen Victoria, you have seen the dawn of a new century, the Crimean War, the Bore Wars, the coronation and then the death of Edward VII and the succession of George V.

William, I’ve enjoyed researching you. I think you might have been a private person, hence only little snippets in the papers.

Bye for now,


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