What a day!

After a brisk walk to the convention centre, I finally woke up. Bit cool out, this morning.

A Chinese Proverb says, "When the winds of change blow, some build walls, others build windmills."

Something to ponder. Do you build walls or windmills?

Joshua Taylor, started the day with a wonderful keynote address on Connecting Across Past, Present and Future. He spoke of his holidays, with is grandma, who got him  interested in family history. His comment, 'the past is full of adventure,' resonated with me. He also reminded us to cite our sources.

Wills was next, with Jenny Joyce. While I had done Irish wills, Jenny's talk covered England and Wales. It really re-enforced what I had learnt in my course.

Paul Miliner gave an interesting talk on Scottish maps and gazetteers. I should now be able to locate my ancestors place of residence.

Irish Census and Census Subistitutes by David Rencher, finished off the morning sessions. This talk expanded my knowledge on this subject and has directed me to other resources.

Lunch and the Blogger photo kept me busy during the lunch break. Christine and I did enjoy sitting outside in the fresh air. There is only so much air conditioning you can take.

We had a treat at the start of this, with Daniel Corr singing Galway Bay.
Richard Reid presented the keynote address, If You Ever Go Across The Sea To Ireland and he had the audience captivated. If you can get a copy of his book, Farewell My Children, it is well worth a read

My next session was with John Blackwood on Separation and Divorce in Scotland, 17th to 19th Centuries. An interesting and informative talk, that gave me some really useful information.

Helen Smith was the last session of the day. A delightful, funny and interesting talk on Friendly Societies and the Family Historian. She explained how they worked and what they did. I've now got some pointers on how to find information on the  United Ancient Order of Druids.

Dinner with Sue was a relaxing end to a busy day.

Bye for now,


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