Christmas, Genealogy and a Clean-up.

What a busy week! Our family arrived on the 20th and left on the 26th, so we have had a wonderful time. Cooking, board games, shopping, puppy walking, dinners out and lots of lovely chats, giggles and sing-a-longs.

Christmas morning was an early start, 6.00am, (it could have been 5.30!) presents given, lots of giggles and surprises, big breakfast, cooked by our son-in-law then we each went to different places.
We went to our younger daughters place and had Christmas with her and her husbands family. Three, (10, 8 &5) children, who LOVE Christmas, a 2year old, who is just starting to catch on and a 4month old, who couldn't have cared less, made it lively!

Home and five of the six started a Monopoly game, me I relaxed and listened to the fun. Competition was fierce and cut-throat, with buying, selling and negotiations done as if it was real. The game was suspended at 10.15pm, to be finished on Boxing Day morning.

Not as early a start but still early, for us. Breakfast and then the game re-commenced, around the preparations for lunch, the game finished, with a count of assets as we had to leave for lunch at our younger daughter's place, for day two of Christmas. A bit calmer, as Master 2 was more  the focus and he did enjoy ripping the paper off. Miss 4 month old fell asleep on Granddad's lap. Lunch as relaxed, with plenty of talk, giggles and good food. We left around 4ish and the others stayed on, to then go to the other side of the family, to stay.

The house was so quiet and empty, the memories remain.

Yesterday I washed, tidied up and put my Christmas presents in my study. I got seven packets of colourful magazine holders, to replace the tatty ones I was using. I have been ruthless and done some more culling and the shelves look good. The cricket was on, keeping me entertained. I have also started to clean-out the built-in in the third bedroom, to try and get it tidy.

I've been reading the Christmas 2015 issue of the Family Tree magazine. A very interesting article, 'A game-changing year of genealogy' by Chris Paton had me looking at the Irish GRO website:     and I think I've found a great, great grandfather, back in Ireland. A very easy site to use, so have a look.  The magazine is one I subscribe to and most issues have information that I can use in my research.

The cricket has again been the backdrop to my morning and they have just gone to lunch, I suppose it is lunch time here too.

I hope that your Christmas was wonderful and that 2016 will bring you joy.
Bye for now,

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