Christmas Traditions

What Christmas Traditions do you have? Ones that have been passed down from one generation to the next?

As a child I can remember Mum would make both the Christmas cake and pudding. The Pudding would have sixpences and threepences in it, pre decimal currency. It would be made weeks before, in a pudding cloth and then, once cooked, hung in the bathroom, (not all bathrooms had loos in them, most loos were outside, this was a bathroom).  My Aunts would do the same.

Mum even made my sister and I puddings, after we were married.

I can remember, on Boxing Day, all the extended family, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc. would get together at Cronulla Beach. The kids would go off and swim, the Uncles would listen to the cricket and would also walk to the headland and watch the Sydney to Hobart yachts to past. The Aunts would sit and talk, some would probably knit. Lunch was leftovers and then everyone would share their cake and pudding. We kids always tried to find the piece of pudding with a coin in it.

I don't have any traditions, with my family, we would spend time with both sides of the family, when our girls were little. Now both are married and have families of their own, starting new traditions.

Have a Blessed Christmas,

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