April 21 R is for Reading

What do you like to read? Who are your favourite authors?  Books or Kindle?

I love to read and can have as many as three books on the go, at once and I usually can read three a week! My book shelves are double packed!  When we went to Europe I had a dilemma, do I take clothes or books? The clothes one and I had to 'read' from my iPad. I did find two great bookshops in Paris and ended up with a couple of books. This year, in the USA I faced an even bigger problem. My iPad was running out of memory, so I deleted photos, (I had copies) and there was still a problem. In San Francisco, I bought a Kindle and transferred all my books to it.

Now here is my problem, do I buy books or do I buy Kindle books?  I buy both. Some are just for the Kindle and the physical books are of authors, whose series I am collecting. Still can't go past a bookshop!  The Kindle is good and light weight for travelling but I still love the smell of a new book.

In asking what you like to read, it is easier for me to say what I DON'T like to read. Science-fiction is at the top of my list and is probably the main one. I tend to select a book from the blurb or a good review. I enjoy a really good biography or autobiography.

Favourite Authors; these are in no particular order, just how they come;

Nicki Edwards, her first four books are well worth a read. A new one due out in May and the fourth in her series is due out around September. A new Australian author.

 Karen Kingsbury, especially he Baxter Family Series.
Dee Henderson, The O'Malley series.
Earlene Fowler, the Bennie Harper series.
Nora Roberts, most of hers I love.
Danielle Steele, depends on my mood.
Debbie Macomber, her Blossom Street Series. Any of Debbie's are great.
Katie Fforde. Love stories.

I could go on for ever. I also re-read my favourites, several times.

Happy Reading,

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