April 12 - J is for Jiigsaws

I love doing jigsaws and now have an app, on the iPad, for them.  I can remember as a child doing the jigsaws, on boards, that had the spots marked for the pieces. I progressed to boxed ones.

So what of the history of jigsaws.  Good old Wikipedia says,

John Spilsbury, from London is credited with using a marquetry saw, to make the first puzzle, around 1760.
That long ago!

Jigsaws come in a vast range of sizes and shapes. Some are even 3D. Me, I tended to stick to around 500 pieces, with the cardboard ones.

According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, doing jigsaws helps keep the brain active and my help in the prevention of this disease.

I love my app and now use jigsaws to help with the boredom on long flights.

Bye for now,

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