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Thursday, 14 April 2016

April 14 - L is for names begining with L

What to do for the letter L???
Lists, Lost relatives, Leaves, Letters. None seemed to work for me, then I thought, well I could do four of the names that start with L, that hang on my tree.

Lilian Eveline Abberton, nee Galbraith. B 22 October 1911. D 7 June 2006 
My Mum.

Louisa Abberton, nee Nichols. B 8 December 1860. D 7 May 1903.

Leslie John Abberton B 1898. D Egypt, 30 November 1917.
My Uncle

Me, Lilian, taken in Salt Lake City 2016.

So what do these names mean;

Lilian -  Lily (English).

Leslie - From a Scottish Surname.

Louisa - Feminie form of Louis.

I also have Lois, Leanne and Lauryn on my tree.

Bye for now,

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  1. Love the photos. Your Mum is adorable and your grandma very beautiful, lost in a thought that pleases her.