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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

April 6 - E is for Edna

This lady is my late mother-in-law and she served in World War 2.

Edna enlisted on 28 September 1942 at the No 2 Recruiting Centre, Sydney.

She trained as a Telegraphist, in Morse Code.
Her postings were:
No 1 Engineering School, Ascot Vale 14-2-42.
No 1 Depot, Richmond, 13-3-43
RAAF Station, Richmond, 22 Mar 1944
Air Defence Headquarters, Sydney 21-1-45
No 2 Personal Depot, Bradfield Park, 11-12-45, Discharge.
Mum never left Australian shores and it was only in later years that she opened up about where she had served and what she had done. It made for a very interesting discussion.
Thank you for your service.

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  1. I bet you enjoyed hearing the stories that she shared with you about her service!