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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

April 20 Q is for Quilts


I've been seriously quilting since 1999 and love it. I've made heaps of quilts, some to give away, some to keep. I've been given quilts and have made blocks for others. Sometimes people refer to quilting as patchwork, the actual making of the quilt top and that quilting is the sewing together of the three layers.


This is my Mariner's Compass, waiting for me to quilt. Paper pieced, using hand dyed fabrics.

Drunkard's Puzzle. This was rotary cut using templates and was so easy to piece together. I entered it in the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and then donated it to be raffled.
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  1. Beautiful quilts! So unusual!
    My Mom made a quilt for my brother with all the kids' birthdays written on it hahaha. Then she made me one using my favourite greens - then of course all her grandchildren wanted one - then she made a smaller one for Gary's boat. I cherish mine, especially now she is gone.