What genealogy magazines do you read? Do you start at the beginning and read cover to cover or find your favourites and start with them? Below is a selection of what I’ve read, in the past month.

First up is Inside History, to me still the best Australian magazine around. I love Cassie Mercer’s new updated photo, she changed it  in issue 35.

Issue 36 is full of interesting articles. Anne Sherman discusses tracing your Welsh ancestors. I don’t have any but it was a really interesting read. There is an article on Paul Ham’s new book, Passchendaele, Requiem For Doomed Youth. (Random House, $45). Reviews of four new family history apps, has me thinking about adding one to my iPad. Called Scanbot, it uses you device’s camera. Just the thing for archives visits! What’s new online has what records have been added to Ancestry, FindMyPast etc.


Next is my English magazine, Family Tree, (  packed full of articles from, Learn the Genealogical Proof Standard, to Recreating our past. This magazine is well worth the cost.  I start with Dear Tom, a collection of ‘genealogical gems and funnies’. This has interesting pieces that readers send in. Next is Gill Shaw’s Twiglets. Gill writes about her genealogical journey, how she gets side-tracked, confusing names and leads that don’t turn out. Something we all know about!


Now for a new one, Journal of One-Name Studies.  I have joined the Guild and am now a GOON! I have yet to fully read the journal but I did notice an interesting article on ‘DNA for your ONS: Project management, Part One’ by Susan C Meates MCG, must read. There are articles by members on a wide range of topics that will keep me going.



Lastly is one I picked up when it first started, History of Royals, Kings & Queens, Dynasties, Great Battles, Heritage, Relics.  It isn’t what I thought it might  be, so I’ve decided that I will stop getting it.  For those who love historical background information on past monarchies, battles or a bit of scandal,  this could be for you.


I hope you like my selection and would love to hear about yours.

Bye for now,





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