Aiming for 400 Blog posts by 21 November 2016.


Why 21 November? Well that is my the date I started my blog and I have 390 posts now. Will I make it? Don’t know, watch this space.
Today I’m taking it easy as I’ve had a very sore ankle for ages and am finding it hard to walk on it. Annoyed because I prefer to walk, even though I have a car. We aren’t far from the shops, parking is difficult, so it makes sense to walk. Didn’t today.  Been searching Ancestry, FindMyPast, FamilySearch, Trove and the Ryerson Index for any interesting additions or new records. I've had a few interesting bits pop-up and they will give me some fun searching further. Might even become blog posts.

So what have I been doing, since we arrived home from Adelaide? Last weekend was a genealogy weekend, (see the blog for what I did), this week we had James overnight and had a delightful time. He is  growing so quickly and his speech is developing, into very complex sentences. Wow! He loves playing Lego, with Granddad and also spent time playing in the backyard.

Thursday was SAG Writing Group. It was good to catch-up with the group. Coral was showing us how to had information, as a hyperlink, to a photo, in PowerPoint.   Tricky! I’ve had several ‘plays’ with a photo and while I understand the theory and can apply it, I seem to be missing a step and it doesn’t work. Practice, practice, practice.

I’m also on week 2 of my UTAS Photo Essay course and have spent time, playing with different settings and ideas.
This is just one of what I've done.

Trying to get a colour pop happening.

Listening to the cricket, Australia v South Africa, Day 1. Australia all out and South Africa hare 3 down. Must be a really good pitch, in Hobart.

Bye for now,

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