What we have been doing.

Saturday saw us in at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. What a restful spot. We meandered along, stopping so I could take photos or describe something for Paul.
Our first treat was the rainforest centre, and this little chap, popped up and allowed me to take a snap.

Sunday was lunch, with family at the Esplanade Hotel, Brighton. The weathe was atrocious and here is a view of Brighton Jetty.

Monday's weather was a bit better and we drove to Port Adelaide and had a look around, then continued south as far as Hallett Cove, stopping for quick photos, between showers. This part of the coastline is so beautiful. We followed the coast road.

We are going to walk this park, Thursday as the weather is promising to be sunny.

Yesterday, Tuesday and again we went south. This time to Noralanga(sp) and then across to Maclaran Vale. Freezing and wet but we got to see some of the area.

Today was wonderful. Sunny and cool, so we went to Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens. What a beautiful place! Some of the paths are still under repair, so we spent our time on the bigger paths. 

One of the views.

A study in black and white.

A drift of snow bells.

In need of coffee or lunch we headed towards the summit but decided to go to Cleland Wildlife Park, just along a bit further. I really recommend this park, easy to get around, lovely staff and lots of cute Australian animals, some you can feed. When we got there, we were told that there was 15 minutes left to see the koalas, so we set off. 

Sasha was out for pats and she was very well behaved. 
These potaroos, waylaid us, so we fed them.

Lunch was our next stop and once we had eaten we set off to explore the rest of the 35 hectares and find as many of the 130 species, living there.

Two of the mob, relaxing in the sun.

A Hairynosed wombat. It had just eaten its lunch and came out for some sun. Its mate was still eating.

A Stone Curlew. This was dad and mum was there, with two chicks.

In the forest aviary, there were plenty of these.

Outside and this chap was walking around.

At the wetlands, this tortoise was sunning itself.

Last stop was the dingos. 

Theses came before the dingos and were in the Mallee aviary but there is a story to tell. To get into the aviary, you go through two doors. Open and close the first, then do the same for the second one and you are in. Well these three greeted us like lost family. We would stop and they would sit at our feet, walk and they would follow. It was very cute, until we tried to leave. Paul went out the first door and as I tried to follow, they sat down and wouldn't move. I tried to open the door and see if they would move. Nope, not going to happen! I had to run back to the doors we came in and go round and get Paul. We spoke to the staff member, looking after birds and she explained that she had hand reared them and was trying to get them independent and it was their first time in the aviary. 

Back up at the entrance, we heard a koala, grunting. Looked up and there was a wild one, munching on leaves. They like to come into the park.

So if you want a good day out, in Adelaide, head for the hills and visit this park. 

Bye for now,

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