Adelaide, Wednesday 12th. The Adelaide Hills. Hahndorf.

Another cool, grey day but that wasn't going to stop us. I did have to go and buy another long sleeve shirt before we started.

Hahndorf was our first stop. Settled by Lutheran migrants, in 1839, it is the oldest surviving German settlement. Beautiful old buildings, quaint shops and sunshine made for a pleasant time. 

First stop was the Fudge Shop, Hahndorf,  for some fudge. Paul picked the sugar free, chocolate orange fudge and I went with rum and raisin.  Otto's for morning tea, salted caramel tart and a nut slice were our choices. Yum!

We strolled along, stopping to window shop or to browse. It wasn't very busy, when we first arrived but  it did get busier.

This Hahndorf Academy, home to the information centre.

Built in 1861, this pub was once a Cobb and Co stop.

These gardens were laid out in 1939, to mark Hahndorf 's centenary.

This lovely building caught my eye and then I saw what it was named.

Detmold, Germany, was where August Jasper was born. Goosebumps.

This beautiful church, in English Street and I think it is, now, the New Apostolic. It didn't have a sign. It could be St Paul's Anglican but the name isn't on the map. English Street was once called Billygoat Lane.
Can anyone read and translate what is in the circle? 

St Paul's Lutheran Church was built in 1890.  Beautiful building.

I'm going to break today into two posts.

Bye for now,

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