Our last day.

Today we went to Hallett Cove Conservation Park, approximately 14km from the city. This 51ha, (126 acres), park was established in 1976, after around 11 years of 'fighting', to stop developers building houses and a marina. It is a Declared Geological Monument, containing many significant geological sites. The website, environment.sa.gov.au  along with Wikipedia, give detailed explanations of them.

We set out along the Costal Park Path, a short 7.2km, one way. Mostly boardwalk, with a couple of gravel sections, Paul and I found it an easy walk. We didn't do the full distance, stopping at the spot on the map, between the steps to the shore and Waterfall Creek, just where another path branches of.

The views are awesome, looking south across the beach and north to Glenelg.

This headland is at the northern end of Hallett Cove beach and is a lovely chocolate colour.

The white hill, in the foreground is Sugarloaf. You can do the walk up to it and it can't be seen from the path, until you stop and look back, towards the cafe. With the reddish cliffs forming a backdrop, it is stunning.

This was taken from the top of the headland, in the second photo. This is Hallett Cove, with its boulders and rocks.

Part of the boardwalk, looking north.

We took an hour to do the section, we walked and judging by the number of walkers, joggers and tourists, it is a very popular walk.

Stopped for morning tea at the Boardwalk Cafe. Great food and a great view.

Our holiday is over. I hope you have enjoyed my blogs.

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