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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Conference Day 2.

The day started very well, with a delicious hot chocolate and wonderful company. The genealogy family is very welcoming. I had only met Helen, before the conference and was Facebook friends with Fran and Lee-Ann. I meet so many other lovely people and enjoyed interesting conversations.
Helen, Lilian, Fran, Lee-Ann, kick starting our day!

The exhibition hall, during the day.

A group of Geneabloggers. You can tell us by our blogger beads. They are great conversation starters. Thanks Alona, for handling them out.

Another view of the hall.

My name tag and ribbons. The stamp you can see is from the craft market, that was in the next building. $5 for all day, so I had a look and caught up with some friends. My blogger beads.

My purchases. Will make for interesting reading.

So, apart from coffee, craft fair and shopping, what did I do?

I went to an informative talk, by Ben Hollister about German name changes, both personal and place names. Some of this was because of WW1 and some because people 'Anglised' their names, to fit in. Have a look at www.GermanHeritage.org.au

Next, Helen Smith gave an amazing talk on Google:the genealogist's friend. While I use Google, this showed me more ways to search and get the right results. Helen also suggested that we try our search, using other search engines and compare the results.

Rosemary Kopittke, presented Scotland's People and showed us the changes that have just happened. Searches are now free but the price of viewing items has gone up.

Throughout the expo, there was four streams, of talks, going at any one time. The choices made you want to clone, yourself, so you could do more.

An excellent two days, very well run. Thank you Unlock The Past, for organising it.

Bye for now,

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  1. Thanks for the report, it's really interesting to read what actually went on at the Expo - since I barely left my stand for two days. So glad you came, and we were able to catch up.