Family Friday; William Patrick and Julia May Abberton.

                                       William Patrick and Julia May Abberton.

Whilst these two aren't twins, I have chosen to do them together as I know so little about them.

William was born 10 May 1873, being Thomas and Mary's 14th child  and their 5th son. On 11 May 1898 he married Mary Catherine Carter. Mary was born 17 February 1867 and died 6 September 1937.

They added to the large number of grandchildren by having six children.

Thomas William, born 4 December 1898, married Jeanetta Goodwin on 26 May 1919. They had a son and a daughter. Thomas died in 1968.

Leopold Joseph (Leo), was born 17 April 1900. He married Hilda Isabella Graham on 3 December 1927. Hilda died 16 January 1977. They had two daughters. Leo died 19 November 1964.

A daughter, Violet  May was next, born 9 September 1902, Violet was a lovely lady, I had the pleasure of meeting. She married Benjamin Campbell in 1952. Ben was born 4 April 1915 and died 2 May 2007. They had no children. Violet didn't tell Ben the year of her exact year of birth. She said she was born the same year and at her death, her age was given as 80.

Another daughter, Albina Mary arrived 24 November 1903. She married Marcus William James Brown on 14 October 1924. They had four daughters, one lived down the street from me. We were friends, before we discovered that we were family. Albina died 12 July 1963.

There third daughter, Edna Elizabeth arrived 23 August 1906. She married Clement Hill Darnley on 23 May 1937. They had two sons and a daughter. Edna died 4 July 1990.

Their last child was a boy, Finnis Roy, born 8 January 1908. On 14 November 1936 he married Violet Winifred McLeay. They had no children Finnis died 22 March 1971.

Thomas and Mary's 15th and last child was a girl, Julia May, giving them 10 daughters. Julia was born 26 May 1875 and died 20 August 1879. She is buried in an unmarked grave, in the overgrown Mummell Roman Catholic Cemetery.

Now for some statistics, for the family. These are from my own research and are in no way complete.

Thomas and Mary had 15 children; raised 13 to adulthood; 11 of whom married. From my research, these 11 gave Thomas and Mary, 62 grandchildren, 75 great-grandchildren, 143 great-great-grandchildren and 154 great-great-great grandchildren.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about my Abberton ancestors, I have enjoyed sharing them with you. Last Monday, a lady made contact, about the Gilletts and we are working our the connection.

See it pays to blog!

I'm going to miss the next two weeks but will still be blogging. Watch this space.

Bye for now,

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