South Australian Research.

Talking to both staff, from State Records and Genealogy SA, at the expo, I figured that a bit of research might be good.

August Jasper arrived in Adelaide, in 1876 and I was curious as to what he had done, during his time there. An article, I found on Trove, see the post, 16 September 2016, that placed him Clare.

With more questions than answers, I went to Genealogy SA. Being able to view a copy of the passengers, on the Dilbhur, I found more information about him. I enquired about court records and they didn't have any and recommended State Records.

Of to State Records, today. From the lady, on the desk, who showed me how to join, to the staff,  bringing up the books, everyone was friendly, helpful and nothing was a problem.

There were no court papers, pertaining to him and Kelly suggested that I apply to the courts, for a search. She even found the forms and information I need. She then suggested I look at Assessment Book, for Clare, to see if I could find his residence. Nothing.

Kelly went to lunch and Adam was on the desk. As August gave his residence as Blyth, I asked if there were Assessment Books for Blyth. He searched the online indexes and ordered it for me, once we worked out which book. Again, nothing.

I felt like I was in my own episode of Who Do You Think You Are? But as Kelly commented that it isn't easy, like the show makes it. Don't we genealogists know that! I would ask do you have, or where could I find? I also had my notebook, like they all seem to use, mine is pink.

As the case was in Clare, I'm going to contact their family history society and will see if Blyth has one, too. I will also do the paperwork, to the courts.

To great research experiences!

Bye for now,


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