Adelaide, Sunday 9th The Zoo.

Sunday was sunny and the perfect time to drive into Adelaide and to the zoo, not to many cars around.

Situated on the banks of the River Torrens, Adelaide Zoo is home to a large variety of animals, reptiles and birds.
 As you enter, Susie, the hippo is waiting for you but on Sunday she was more content to pretend she was a crocodile. She was submerged and would just stick her nose up, take a breath and then sink back down.

We wandered along, seeing otters, a Tasmanian Devil and giraffes.

Walking along, I looked up and above us was a Golden Tamarin. They have two areas, one each side of the path and an overhead run, so they can cross. They were to quick to get a photo.
Lions were next and all three were asleep, with their backs to us.
We then went to the South East Asian Aviary and saw a variety of birds. This one sat long enough for a photo!

Just outside the aviary was a sleepy Malayan Tapir.

Lunch was a sausage sizzle, in the Rotunda. Pretty good!

The seals were playing, the tiger was sleeping and the meerkats were there usual cute selves. The albino one was lovely.

Our last stop was the Giant Pandas, Wang Wang and Fu Ni. Wang Wang was outside but up the back, asleep. Fu Ni was inside and she was scratching herself, she then got up and walked around before getting comfortable and going to sleep. At least she was close enough for photos.

Wang Wang.

Fu Ni

A lovely day, with dinner at Hogs Breath, watching the sunset.

Bye for now,

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