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Saturday, 13 February 2016

What we have been doing.

Morning from San Francisco, the sun is out and the fog is going, looks like it will be a sunny but cool day.

Las Vegas was amazing, loud, brash, bright and it never stops! We walked Freemont Street on Tuesday night and it has to be seen to understand it. The original strip it is now a mall with clubs, shops and casinos. There are street performers, several stages, with shows. The best part is people watching! Topless showgirls, cartoon characters, most people had drinks with them, saw a man dressed as a baby, nappy and all! There is a zip line, that goes from end to end and it as fun to watch them flying by.

The Grand Canyon trip was wonderful, flying from Boulder City, to the South Rim, gave us spectacular views of the Canyon. When we landed, we joined a bus and went to Bright Angel Lodge. Lunch and then we wandered around the rim. Views were stunning and had snow and it was beautiful. Mather Point was next, it is 16 kilometres wide and it is the deepest part. Again the views and colours were beautiful. Back on the bus, plane and then back to Vegas.

Saw two shows, Blue Man Group and Cirque Du Soleil, Zarkana(sp). Both were wonderful.

The Neon Boneyard was another interesting place and the tour was very interesting.

More later and photos as we are now in San Francisco and it is time to explore.


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