The rest of our time in San Francisco


Waiting for the driver, to take us to the airport.

It is Presidents Day in the USA , today and a long weekend for some. The crowds around Fisherman's Wharf were huge and the traffic packed. Police on point duty.

Our day started with a four block walk to the bottom of Lombard Street and watched the cars come down the hill. It is a 27% grade and has 8 switchbacks. There was a crowd taking photos. Lombard Street isn't the most crooked street in San Francisco. There is one with a 33% grade with 12 switchbacks, it is in a 'bad' area of town, so they don't take people there.

A bus ride saw us at the Painted Ladies and the view of the city. Lovely views in all directions. Back on the bus and we ended up at Westfield. Morning tea and shopping, the back to our room.

We booked an afternoon Bridge to Bridge cruise. The views were beautiful and we even got sunset, thrown in. 

Dinner and a walk around Fisherman's Wharf ended our day. Packed for our last stop, LA.

Bye for now,

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