Today, in San Francisco.

What an amazing day!

Woke early and walked, in the light fog, to pier 33, for our trip to Alcatraz. The boat left in the fog and we couldn't even see the other side of the bay. Fog horns at 20 paces, made us jump, we were on the very top deck. Docked and listened to the briefing on what was what. Headed up to the cell block and did on audio tour of the building. The audio was past prison guards and prisoners, very interesting. Got   to the Administration room, went outside, to take photos. Clicking away, turned back towards the bridge, the fog lifted and there is was , as clear as glass. The city glistened in the sunlight and the Oakland Bay Bridge looked stunning. Heaps of photos taken. Back inside and continued the tour.
Leaving the island, the fog was back covering the deck of the bridge.

In 1969  Native Indians (First Nations), occupied the island, a protest that lasted 19 months. Well, today was the first time they had been all together. There were many different things happening.

Back to Pier  33 and lunch at Boudin Bakery, for soup, in a sour dough cob roll. I managed to spill mine down the front of my white shirt. The soup was delicious.

On the Golden Gate and Sausalito Tour. The traffic was a nightmare, so we were told we couldn't walk back, as they couldn't guarantee a return bus. The bridge was amazing and very windy, views spectacular. He did manage a very quick 10 minute stop, for photos, on the Sausalito side. It took the driver 20 minutes, to get into the parking area, that's how bad it was. Drove through Sausalito, saw houseboats, that people live on, all the year. Price, around $300,000.00USD.

Back to our room, changed my shirt and then the evening tour. Saw the Oakland Bay Bridge light show. I love this bridge as it is so much better to look at than the Golden Gate Bridge. The city is beautiful, with all lit up. Looking down the hills with the lights is pretty spectacular!

A hot chocolate, at Ghirardelli chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries, was a good way to end the day.

Learnt, today that the bridge was named after the water it goes over, The Golden Straight. Named during the Gold rush.

Bye for now,

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