Morning from Salt Lake City,

Rootstech is amazing!

Wednesday, waking to early and a dodgy shower, I went and registered. Very slick no waiting.

Two classes in the afternoon gave me some more research time in the library. If you can't get to Salt Lake City, you can order the microfilm from your local Family History Library. Check at for your nearest one.

The first class was Your Brick Walls are not as Tall as You Think. Some very useful tips.

The second class was 15 Ways for Genealogists to Keep Learning. Things I knew and different ways to use them and things I didn't know.

Amanda arrived on Wednesday and we had dinner  the Cheesecake Factory, yum!

Thursday and it was snowing as I walked to the conference.

10.00am saw the vendor hall open. Such an array of stalls, mind blowing!  I caught up with several people and bought different things, mindful of my baggage allowance. Subscribed to an internet genealogy magazine.

First class and I missed it. Messed up the time. Sigh.

Second class was on Designing Photo books, good but not what I wanted.

Scottish Genealogy was next. Fantastic! Learnt heaps.

Lastly, Write down why you know what you know. It was how to take all the bits and pieces of evidence nod prove that it is one person. Very helpful.

Back to my hotel to find that they were having power issues. Not good, so Amanda and I went to dinner and then to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Lovely.

 Friday and it starts again.  I have three sessions today. 
Here are a few photos of what  I've been doing.

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