A Day of Seminars, with Judy G Russell and Paul Blake


You would think that having been to RootsTech, I'd want a break from genealogy seminars, never!

Unlock the Past run genealogy cruises and when they are in port, they run seminars. Yesterday was Sydney's turn, with Judy G Russell and Paul Blake presenting some of their talks.

Judy is wonderful, with her knowledge of both the law and DNA. I've 'done' my DNA but haven't done anything, much, with my results. Judy explained the ethics of genealogical DNA, privacy issues, permission to share DNA information, both us and the company we may use. Read the terms and conditions, they make very interesting reading.  Also a discussion on what happens to the DNA test, once we die. Leave very clear guidelines as the various companies have different storage lengths.

Judy also mentioned family secrets and the persons right to privacy, even if the information is in the public domain. Apply the Golden Rule, threat others the way you would like to be treated.

After morning tea, Judy presented her second talk, Just Three Generations. This was about preserving family stories and OUR own story.  She used a quote, from Aaron Holt, December 18 2013, 'Oral history can be lost in three generations.'  The talk started with a quiz, where we had to sit down, if we didn't know the answers, she then asked us questions about our family, starting with our mother and working back. By the end only one person was left standing, she could answer about the 'third' generation. An interesting way to get the message across. Don't loose the information as we loose the generation above us.

Lunch and Jill, Jenny and I went to the local sandwich shop and ate our lunch, outside under a fig tree. The breeze coming up from the water was very refreshing.

The Society of Australian Genealogists, gave a brief talk on their new website and what the Society holds.

Paul Blake then presented the first of his talks, Origins of your Irish ancestors. A good talk and some new ideas came from it.  After a short break, Paul gave his second talk, A brief history of the photograph. Interesting as I hadn't really looked into this area, much before. Interesting slides of really old photos.

After a good day, nine of us adjourned to the Glenmore Pub, for dinner.

Taken earlier in the day, Jenny, Jill Kerry and I.

Dinner photos.
Back row, Rosemary, Judy, Helen & Mel.
Front row, Kerry, Alona, Jill & Lilian.
Jenny, below, took the photo, so I took Hers.

Our dinner view, after the cruise boat left.

Bye for now,


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