My Do-Over

There is a Facebook group, organised by Thomas MacEntee, called Genealogy Do-Over. (Have a look at the site for more details.)  It is all about looking at your research and starting over, with fresh eyes, checking those bits of information, we have on bits of paper, etc.

Well, I opted for the go-over and spent last night and today, going over one of my certificate folders. I printed off the data base, of certificates and the list of names on my tree and highlighted the ones I wanted to do.  (Note to self, need more highlighter pens.)  What I did was locate the certificate, in the folder, locate the person on the tree and double check that I'd entered ALL the information correctly and had CITED where it came from. For certificates I used the number they had on them, for documents I looked for numbers and if none, used the one I'd allocated, to them.  If all was correct, I moved to the next, ticking off what I'd done.  I used the Notes section of the program for information, that couldn't be put in the Events area. If not correct, on either the tree or data base, I corrected. I found some double entries, for certificates and the data base and heaps of missing information, for people on the tree.  I have certificates, for people not entered on to the tree, these I will put in the Notes section of their parents. I really don't want 1,000's of name on my tree, that are only a distant connection.

That folder is now done and I will work on the queries I found and the other details I have to add to people, then I'll start the next folder, different surname.  I'll do this until I have finished all four folders.

This Do-Over has got me looking critically at the work I've done over 30 years and while most is entered correctly and I can cite the sources, some will require a lot more work.

Bye for now.

P.S. I'm actually frustrated as I need, really need to know who purchased the plot Great-Grandma is buried in and the office isn't open until Monday. I think it is a paupers grave, as there is another person in it as well, non family and other plots around have the same sort of thing.

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