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Monday, 22 February 2016

Some websites for the different things we did.

I'm not getting any kickbacks from these companies but I would recommend them for the different things we did.

Salt Lake City.
Found these people through a leaflet in our hotel. Amanda did the City Sights one and together we did the Great Salt Lake one.

If you want a good Mexican food, Red Iguana2, is the place.

Las Vegas.
The Neon Boneyard, an amazing place to visit.

San Francisco.

The City Sightseeing San Francisco, with their four hop-on, hop-off buss are the best. (Paul and I used this company in Europe and the buses were great.)

Red and White Fleet Cruises, have a variety of cruises, wed did the Bridge to Bridge one. Amanda had also used them when they were there in 2013

Pier 39, shops, food and sea lions. Well worth the walk along it.

Alcatraz tours are best booked well before you get there as there is a limited number of tours across to the Rock. We booked ours in Australia. months ago.

Los Angeles.

We did two tours using Starline and found them good. They have a variety of different tours.

Warner Bros, we booked before we left Australia.

Hope these help.
Bye for now,

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