Writing is something that I'm going to send time doing, this year.

I had some good advice about writing and the amount of words, to write. A good friend suggested that I set a word target for the month. This can include, my blog, family history writing, assignments, anything and then I won't become overwhelmed.  Will see how I go.

Found these two books, in Dymocks, Little Collins Street, Melbourne, when shopping with the granddaughters.

The grammar and punctuation one is self explanatory and will be useful.

Writing the story of your life, is a practical book. Divided into four parts; 
Where have you been all this time?;
The practical matters of writing.;
You, the night, the music.;
What happens when you write?

Each part is then divided into chapters, which have sub-sections like discipline.  They contain exercises to work through and I should become more proficient with my writing.

Looking at the different sessions, at RootsTech, I've slotted in two on writing. One is a computer lab and you have to bring a document with you. This will be the basis of your story.
There is also one, 10 Stellar Storytelling Tools & Apps,  sounds very interesting.

Bye for now,


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