RootsTech 2017

Today I was supposed to catch-up with a friend, in the city but it has rained and rained and the trip didn't come about. Tomorrow, if the weather is okay.
I've used the time to look at what session topics are available and have worked out my timetable for the four days.
While RootsTech doesn't get into full swing until the Thursday, there is still plenty to do on the Wednesday, with the Innovator Summit happening. I'm looking forward to attending several sessions, including the show-down. (There will be a blog about that.)
I'm also doing two computer lab sessions and am thinking about doing a third one. This is a hard choice as I really want to do both the lab and the Irish session. I think I need to clone myself, for the day.
Another treat, I've booked is a Sponsor's Lunch. Should be interesting and I won't have to find lunch, that day.
A Welcome Party, After-Parties and a Musical Evening, are on the agenda too.
I've even gone so far as to highlight different sessions.
I'm so much more organised, this year than I was in 2016.

I'm also trying to cut-down on how much paper I take with me. Two of these for both my research and note taking will be enough. I'm still not confident enough to make notes directly onto the laptop.
Since I've organised the fun stuff, I suppose I should think about what else I might need, like clothes and passport!
There will be more blogs before I go and plenty while I'm away.
Bye for now,

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