That's a Wrap! 2016 Conference.

This years conference was originally to be hosted by Camden Area family History Society, the asked the Picton & District Historical & Family History Society to join with them. It was fantastic.

Held in the Camden Civic Center, the his venue was superb. A auditorium, for the trade tables, main conference and dinner, was great. The smaller Ferguson Room was used for the Friday talks, Meet & Greet, morning and afternoon teas, as well as lunch. This was one of the better catered for, I've been to.

The organising team did a wonderful job and everything from the name tags, conference booklets and satchels, to the timing of the talks,  done very well. Orange 2017. has a lot to love up-to.

I, myself had a great time, catching up with old friends and making new ones. I have come away with tips on how to find an arrival, how I can get a death certificate changed, to how I should really use the Dictionary of Sydney.

I also met several other people, doing the UTAS course, as well as the co-ordinator. Photo below.

Thank you to Camden and Picton for a great weekend. 

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