Family Friday, Frances Maria Abberton

                                             Frances Maria/Marie Abberton.
I know only the bare bones, about Frances and hope this blog will find some cousins.

Frances, known to the family as Fanny, was born 30 March 1865, the younger twin to my grandfather, Thomas. She was Thomas and Mary’s seventh daughter and ninth child.

Fanny married James Alfred Pell, 1892 in Goulburn. They have two daughters; May Mascot, born 22 May 1893 and Clara Eunice, born 1896.

Then this little family seems to disappear.

Thanks to the internet I discovered that they went to New Zealand. When and why remain a mystery but they settled in Wellington, New Zealand.

Using the New Zealand Births, Deaths and Marriages Online, I found the death of Frances on 8 August 1941* and also the girls’ marriages. Clara married Frank Marshall on 9 November 1921*, in Wellington. May married Vernon James Hunt on 15 October 1925*, in Wellington

 Apart from a small death notice for Frances, there seems to be nothing about the girl’s marriages, births of children or their deaths. I did find May’s death in 1977 but haven’t ordered the certificate. And this is where the story ends.

So Auntie Fanny, why did you go to New Zealand? Was it because your Auntie Clair was already there? Did James just announce that you were all going? Was James a Kiwi? I would like some answers, please.


Your great-niece,


* denote that I have the document

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