Conference, Day 2, a day late

WiFi isn't that great. A snail is faster!

Saturday started with Welcome to Country and ended with the Conference Dinner. In between we had six interesting speakers, covering topics such as Family Papers and Family Stories- The Hidden Gems of the SAG, by Heather Garnsey and the Dictionary of Sydney, by Dr Lisa Murray.

Nick Brodie talked about Kin in the Cowpastures, his family still lives in the area. Kin in the Cowpastures is the name of his book. 1787 is the title of his next book.

Bruce Carter, had us Online with the State Library and Gail Davis had us in care, with Children in Care in the 19th and Early 20th Century.

Dinner was a lively affair with a raffle, I won an Ancestry subscription and a cow auction. Yes, a cow auction! The were ceramic cows on every table and the bidding started at $10. We were entertained by a singer and the songs brought back memories. My table, Table 1, had an interesting discussion that covers WW1 to Vietnam.

I will post photos of the cows on Facebook, later, once I'm home.

Sunrise on Saturday. Beautiful!

Some of the Unlock the Past books.

Allan from Gould Books.

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