Society Saturday

I went to the Society of Australian Genealogists, (SAG), for a seminar on Immigration by John Cann.
John is from NSW State Records and presented one of the most entertaining seminars I've been to. He used PowerPoint and had just worked out some if the different effects. These added to the presentation.

John covered the three main periods of Immigration, the Convict Era, 1788-1850, Assisted Passage, 1832-1886 and Unassisted Passage, 1788-1922. After 1922 the Federal Government holds the records and these are in the National Archives in Canberra.

I learnt that there are some records for the Prison Hulk, that were moored on the Thames, held at the archives. These have the prefix HO, when you search. I can see that I will have to do some serious searching, on my next visit.

He mentioned the three types of Indents they hold; Bound Indents, 1788-1835; Printed Indents, 1832-42 and Irish Indents.  Use the Archives In Brief, on the web site for help.

Another good site John recommended, and is linked from the Archives is Especially for Unassisted Passengers and Crew, for the years 1845-1922.

If you are looking for Third Class passengers before 1856, try TROVE,

I'm not going to say much more as you can attend, even if you don't belong to SAG. Go to their wed site. and click on events. Better yet, join and have the Descent, Event Calendar, sent to you, either by email of snail mail.

Hope these links help.
Bye for now,

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