Research on the Magill side of the family.

Well I suppose I'd better 'do' my husbands side, for awhile after all the information I've been finding on my side.

The Magills.

Samuel Hunter Magill  and Margaret Towers of Pine Ridge, Kootingal, NSW.

Samuel and Margaret had nine children
1) John c1869 - 1949
2) Mary c1871/72 - 1930
3) James c1873 - 1939
4) Margaret 1879 -
5) Catherine 1882 - 1963
6) Andrew 1885 - 1945 (ours)
7) William 1888 - 1916
8) Lorna 1891 - 1917
9) Nora 1897 - 1898.

As you can see I have all but one year of death and yesterday tried to fill that in. No luck.

Okay, I'll look for her marriage and became more confused. There are two marriages of a Margaret A Magill, so which one is mine? Or maybe neither?

Marriage 1

Margaret A Magill to Samuel N BRYANT, 1900 registered at Moree. There was a birth and death of a child, Charles in 1902.  There are two deaths registered of Samuel Bryant. One in 1904, Raymond Terrace  and the other in 1909, Charlestown.  Could they be him?

Marriage 2

Margaret A Magill to Edward FISHER, 1916 registered at Tamworth. Closer to Kootingal than Moree.

Now my dilemma is I can find NO death of a Margaret Bryant or a Margaret Fisher. I have searched the NSW BDM site as well as the Queensland version. Trolled TROVE. Raided RYERSON, nothing, zilch, nada. Most frustrated.

Also if she had married Bryant, wouldn't she have re-married as Bryant, not Magill?

I just opened another tab and did a quick search of marriages, Fisher, Edward to * Margaret, 1900 - 1920 and found that there is a double entry. 1916 Fisher Edward J to Bryant Margaret A, Tamworth AND 1916 Fisher Edward J to Magill Margaret A, Tamworth. That bit is solved, but I want her death. I'm also going to order the transcript of the marriage, should be interesting!

Back to my searching.


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