Faces from the Past, Friday.

Faces, what do they tell us? Can we find any trace of our ancestors in our faces? We see a new baby and we say, he has so-n-so's nose, chin, ears as we look for a link to the past. Today I'm looking at my mum and her parents and then my husbands great grandfather.
Arthur Alfred Victor Galbraith
Born 1884
Died 1965

Evelyn Maude Jasper
Born 1885
Died 1932

Born 1911
Died 2006

Samuel Hunter Magill
Born c1844
Died 1928

Looking at these photos I think, what colour were their eyes?  Why and where  were these photos taken? Mum's eyes were blue, Grandad's I can't remember. Grandma's photo was taken at Katoomba. Mum's was on her first birthday. Some answers, still some questions.


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