Bits 'n' Pieces

                                                           Friday, I can see the  weekend!

 Tomorrow is Valentines Day BUT it is also Library Lovers Day. With libraries suffering cutbacks,    why not visit your local library and see what is on offer. Apart from books, magazines and CD's my local library offers computer classes, free use of computers, story time for all ages and craft groups.
Go on, visit, you will be surprised.

Yesterday my Writing Group, through SAG, started back. We had been set a task of writing a very short piece on any of the 15 topics listed. It had to be about someone on our family tree. I didn't take part as I couldn't fit any of mine into the topics but those who did ha wonderful stories to tell. I am going to take another look at the topic list and see if I can write a couple of short pieces. Watch this space!

Well I'm of to the library, knitting group is on this morning!
Bye for now,


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