Road Trip, HOME!!!!

Hi, after day 6  the blog went quiet because I was staying with my Victorian Family and enjoying good, quality time with them. Getting there, from Ballarat well...    What should have been a two hour trip, tops, took four as again I had problems with the navigation system. Resorted to a paper map and got there.

I'm thrilled with what I've been able to achieve, with the research I did in Ballarat and it will really help with the next book.

On Friday we had our usual trip to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & ice creamery for a bit of an indulgence.  Well worth a visit
These were our treats.

With the family we attended two netball games. The Saturday school comp was a win but the Saturday afternoon comp was a loss. Both were good games and my granddaughters played well.

We left Monday morning in the rain and ended in staying at Goulburn on Monday night. I had, had enough driving. After breakfast on Tuesday, we were 'on the road again' and had a great run home.

Bye for now,


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