Road Trip, Day 3.

Cool but the sun is trying to breakthrough. So we are heading to the Ballarat New Cemetery and locating Simon and Ann Grant's grave. When we were here in 2003, we were directed to the Church of England section, new research has them in the Presbyterian section. It is an easy cemetery to navigate around and I soon located the block and section (row), just have to find the grave.

Well... After walking from one end to the other I have concluded that they are in an unmarked grave. Well at least I can state that in the book and know it is correct.

Next was 22 Chisholm Street. I had used Google Maps,  Street View, to locate this address and it had me in the middle of the road. Well I don't think is was wrong! Driving up and down didn't give me number 22. So it looks like a trip to the council to see what is going on.

Today's  research ended with a visit to the Eureka Center, built on the site of the Eureka Stockade. We had been there previously and I wanted to check some things and we ended up having afternoon tea as  well.

Japanese for dinner.

Bye for now,


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