12 Ancestor in 12 Months; Elsie Minnie Ironside.

Elsie Minnie Ironside was born 21 May 1892, to Maude Kidney and her husband Edgar Bird Ironside.[1]

Elsie was my husband’s grandmother.

How she met her future husband isn’t known but as they both lived and grew up in the Paddington area, I can only presume that they either met at the local church or the Paddington Town Hall. (Things we should have asked Mum about.)

The Bridal Party.
Alf Tobin (friend), Violet Ironside (sister), Frederick Sigrist, Elsie Ironside, Lilly Sigrist (sister), Norman Ironside (brother).

Elsie and Frederick Charles Sigrist married in 5 April 1919 at St Michael’s Church of England, Flinders Street, Surry Hills.[2] Elsie’s occupation was given as Saleswoman and Frederick’s a Telephone Mechanic. It was this occupation that would kill him, but you will have to wait until September to find out why.

Elsie and Frederick were blessed with two daughters, Edna May born 1920 and Joan Violet born 1929. The little family settled in Fairmount Street Lakemba, in a modest two bedroom brick cottage, on a large narrow block of land. 

This would be the home my husband grew up in.

Sadly for Elsie and the two girls Frederick  died in 1930, leaving Elsie to raise the girls alone.
Tragedy would strike again, when in 1934, Elsie died from Mitral Stenosis[3], aged just 41.  Edna was 13 and Joan 4.  Extended family would step in and raise the girls.

Her legacy, two daughters, two grandsons, five great grandchildren and 11 great-great grandchildren.

[1] NSW Birth Certificate 28055 311. 1892.
[2] NSW Marriage Certificate 3641 890. 1919.
[3] NSW Death Certificate 5437  406. 1934


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