Road Trip, Days 1 & 2.

Day 1.

Friday 11 May 2018 was our departure date. A busy previous week and some commitments, in the days prior, saw us leave home at 7.00am. Cool and grey was the weather and just the Goulburn side of  of Mittagong, the showers started. What appears to be faulty wipers made for an interesting trip. They would work well, for a time and then it was like using dry blades on a dry windscreen. The noise was dreadful. A stop at Jugiong and they couldn't help and pointed us to a mechanic in Gundagai. He looked at the blades and said I don't stock that size, go to one of the servos at each end of the main street.  Back in the car and Paul and I decided that we would/could wait until Ballarat, where there would be more than one mechanic.

Morning tea at Goulburn Bakery, sitting beside the open fire was lovely, along with the hot drinks and delicious food!  I also grabbed some freshly made sandwiches for our lunch.

1.00pm and Holbrook was next for petrol, for the car and drinks for us, we knew of a nice park to sit in. Yeah right! It was wet, windy and cold, lunch was eaten in the car.

By this time we were running early as there had been little traffic, so Benella was chosen as our overnight stop.

Arriving in Benella, with no accommodation booked and with it raining was interesting. I took to the back streets, parked, dug out both the iPad and modem and searched for somewhere to stay. The Benella Comfort Inn  was top of the list and had room in the inn. Booked in, we made a dash into town for some food and settled in for an early night.

Day 2.

Up and on the road by 7.30am  was good but problems with the navigation system, had us heading in the wrong direction! Getting petrol and turning back had us on the right track but not the original one I had planned.

We ended up wandering through Violet Town, Castlemaine, Daylsford, and the Chocolate Mill, for chocolate, then stopping at  Lake Weeroona, Bendigo,  for morning tea. From there we headed towards Ballarat.

Our accommodation is a small cabin and it is lovely, not to far from a supermarket, fish and chip shop and a Japanese restaurant. Fish and chips for dinner and Japanese booked for Mother's Day dinner.

Hindsight is good. I wouldn't have stopped at Benella but Echuca. It is a circuitous route from Benella but a straight run from Echuca.

Day 3's plan is organised and I'm going to watch some television.

Bye for now,


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