Road Trip, Day 4

Monday dawned cool and foggy, so off to the library for research time.

Ballarat Library has a wonderful Australiana Resource Room, with computers,heaps of resources, desks and a wonderful Research Librarian, Simon. Knowing where my ancestor had died and having Google Maps, place it in the middle of an intersection and the numbers being weird, I had to find out what was going on. I mentioned this to Simon and he knew exactly what I was talking about, went and got a directory, of the time and located where the house should be. Now to find it, tomorrow.

I then spent time going through the other directories and was able to locate them several more times, to build up a profile of their lives.

Then I started exploring other resources and found the microfilm for the 1909-1910 council rates. Taking a chance I started searching and found what I hoped to find, proof that my 2x great grandmother had owned the home, not the husband! Go Granny!  Another address to check out.

From the library, after a stop for coffee, we walked to the Ballarat Art Gallery as I wanted to view the exhibit by Eugene von Guerard with his painting and sketches of Ballarat and the area, back in the 1800's. It was breathtaking. He captured the simple things and his eye for details was wonderful. I am in awe of his work and it also gave me an understanding  of how Ballarat was back then.

I also found a quilt/wool shop and a book shop, so visits to them were also undertaken.

From there we went back to the car and went back to the Eureka Center, to pick up something I had purchased but left behind on Sunday.

Driving back to the caravan park, we struck school zones, that was fine but some of  the older students seem to think that using a crossing is for  the younger kids and they would dash across four lanes of traffic.

Dinner at the Ballarat Golf Club ended a productive day.

I will do a post with photos, Tuesday.

Bye for now,


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