Two days at the Society of Australian Genealogists.

Thursday was my usual monthly meeting of the SAG Writers Group and I was presenting a talk on Appendixes. We have been doing several 'Back-to-Basics' talks over the past year. This is to refresh the older members and to let the newer members, hear them. As I was going over my presentation, I realised that it was April 2014 when I had last given this talk. We usually meet for lunch at Café Mio but this months starting time was 1.30pm, as the was another talk before ours.

It was a short talk and I was able to do a question and answer session, which has lead to me  being asked to do a repeat of my Copyright, Ethics and Citing your Sources talk, next year.
Suzie, waiting for my talk to begin.

Home and I checked my emails and found that I had booked for the Saturday talk, by Jennie Fairs on Don't Waste Time! Getting and staying organised with your research. It was Jennie's first talk and we meet for a coffee before hand. Her bear, Herman and my bear Suzie came as well and were very well behaved.
Waiting for their coffees.

Jennie spoke about getting your documents scanned and saved to the computer and Dropbox. How she uses different programs to help her keep things organised both with her hard copies and her digital one.

Jennie and friends before her talk started.

I am only now considering uploading files to Dropbox and have invested in one of the programs she mentioned; TreePad.  Some of its uses are Personal Information Manager, Organiser, Database, Word Processor, to name some. I purchased TreePad Plus for around $A42 and am waiting for my 'key' so I can unlock it. Once I've had a play with it, I'll do another blog.

Another one Jennie mentioned was Auto Splitter, this is for when you want to scan multiple photos and you don't want to do them one at a time. I'm going to have a look at this one and see if I would use it and if it will work with the scanner I have.

Jennie and I then went and had lunch at the Lord Nelson pun , in The Rocks and then a walk around The Rocks markets. We both bought chocolates.

The chocolates were from,

I also purchased two books and two facts sheets, at SAG. The facts sheets are by Kerry Farmer on DNA and produced by Unlock the Past. Both will be very useful in my DNA research.

Understanding Australian Military Speak by Neil C Smith, another Unlock the Pas publication. 61 pages of abbreviation, initialisms and acronyms that are found in military records. Again a useful book to have on hand.

Unlock the Past,

My splurge was Family History For Beginners & Beyond, 15th Edition, put out by Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra. With 18 main sections, each with multiple sections, within them, this book covers every state, in Australia and then covers New Zealand, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Continental Europe. I'm going to enjoy dipping in to it and discovering new websites.

Suzie and my shopping.

A busy two days but they were both very enjoyable.

Have you joined SAG? It is a really great place to start and continue your research, as well as making

Bye for now,


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